We pride ourselves on providing you with only the finest quality horses and the best personal service.  Summerwind customers are equine enthusiasts and in many ways, define who they are through the care they provide their horses.  Every Summerwind horse deserves the best home!   

Every Summerwind (SW) Marchador is DNA-typed and registered with the US Mangalarga Marchador Association (USMMA) and eligible for ABCCMM,  the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador association's, permanent registration.   Even if you are not interested in having your SW FUTURE FOAL inspected and registered in Brazil, you should realize and appreciate what the ABCCMM inspection has done to ensure the quality of the Mangalarga Marchador breed.

The ABCCMM inspection awards points for conformation, gait and temperament.  Each horse must score a certain number of points in each category in order to become permanently registered and allowed to breed.  At Summerwind, we believe that the high quality of the breed is due in part to the Brazilian inspection process.   

A Summerwind Marchador has been hand-selected or bred by us. Our commitment is to find them a great person that is committed to be a life partner.   We ensure our horses receive the best possible care and appreciate the "therapy" they bring into our lives.  We cherish them as members of our family.  All our horses are our pride and joy.  Our FUTURE FOALS go to their new homes conformation-wise, as correct as possible; health-wise, as sound as they can be, and training-wise, as smart, curious and people-loving.  

 In addition, with every SW Marchador, we include: 
  1. A complete copy of the horse’s file including pictures, video, medical, and training history records. 
  2. Payment of any association fees for registration  or transfer of registration etc.   
  3. A customized package of your foal's bloodlines and heritage,  Natural Horsemanship DVDS of your choice and more... you tell us what you need to get started!
  4. Our commitment to you and your SW Marchador.  Should you ever need to part with your horse, we offer to re-purchase or place your horse.

With a SW FUTURE FOAL, there are also some optional services:
  • Future foal boarding   No worries and no hidden costs!  For one fixed monthly fee,  the foal program includes: 1.) Regular vet & farrier  2.) Weekly training sessions 3.) Care & feeding 4.) Grass pasture & a natural herd environment 5.) Play
  • PARTNERSHIP horse training - Starting your SW Future Foal horse under saddle, finishing him on the ground, under saddle, on the trail and even in a discipline!  

To reserve your future partner, click on RESERVE A FOAL or visit our website FUTURE FOAL