About the Ranch
Summerwind Marchadors, Inc is proud to be a member and breeder with the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador  association, the ABCCMM, an old, established registry, the authority on the Marchador.   Lynn serves as the ABCCMM Liaison to the U.S.   We helped found the US Mangalarga Marchador Association or USMMA in 2005 and are also lifetime members with them.   

We own and represent the finest Brazilian heritage from the ELITE book of champions. Each of our MM horses was hand selected and is foundation quality. They have passed the rigorous inspection of the ABCCMM and have been approved for breeding. Our FUTURE FOAL offering blends several Marchador bloodlines for distinctive and exquisite combinations. Summerwind horses have breathtaking conformation, fantastic movement and outstanding temperaments.   

We travel to Brasil often, beginning in 2002, learning more with each visit.   With Dr. Jose Eduardo Teves, we have spent some of the best weeks of our lives, riding, talking and living horses in that wonderful country that is Brazil.   Since then, we have met many great breeders who share a common passion for breeding GREAT Marchador horses.  We have a particular affinity to the breeders who study the genetics as we do.    The Brazilian breeders are happy to share their knowledge and their passion for this breed.  We are happy to follow the Brasilian breeders' example -- sharing our knowledge and making good friends. We have succeeded in matching many Marchador horses to wonderful owners in new states and countries. The word is spreading!   Summerwind horses can be found in more than 10 states and Canada. 

Our breeding program tries to emulate the best breeding practices from Brazil. Our goals focus on breeding
Mangalarga Marchadors that have beauty, a smooth gait, athleticism, and the sound, responsive personality that endears them to everyone who meets them. 

Our goals are:
  • To maintain the highest quality standards in our breeding and care;
  • To provide the best customer service possible;
  • To produce better GET with every breeding;
  • To promote the Mangalarga Marchador in the equine arena. 
We are extremely selective in breeding.  Flying across the world to see the right stud, that is the dedication we have to this breed.  We believe that strong genetics are the key to any breeding program.  Combining natural balance, gait, tractability in one harmonious pairing ensures a perfect package ensures a perfect foal every time.  

To own a Summerwind Marchador, click on RESERVE A FOAL tab or visit our  FUTURE FOAL website. 

You can select from available breeding stock in the US, pair a Brazilian champion to a US mare or choose a FUTURE FOAL embryo from our on-line inventory.    Summerwind horses have breathtaking conformation, beauty, fantastic movement and outstanding temperaments.  

Oma de Maripa, from Agro Maripa, Brazil is one of the stallions offered in our frozen semen program.  His first foal here in the U.S. is Gaia do Summerwind.

Photos of some of the Mangalarga Marchador stallions used in our breeding program to-date.  
From left to right: Summerwind’s Seamus da Boa Fe, Summerwind’s imported La Paz Jivago, Brazilian stallion Armistico LJ.  

Click here to see more horses in our photo gallery.