From a breeding standpoint, we can report now on many of our Marchadors characteristics! 

  •  Disease information – All our Summerwind Marchadors are free of genetic defects that are known in other breeds. (lavendar foal syndrome, SCID, etc). 
  • Detailed color information  
  • Performance Traits – Very recent studies.  
To read more and see the results for one of our Marchadors, please visit this link:

Born December 2, 2016, a cute, solid filly Kadencia, to Elba Cruzalta x Hawke do Summerwind!

The second Hawke foal and she is also spectacular, setting Hawke do Summerwind’s first foal crop as a great success!

Born bay/brown with a heart-shaped star, she looks like she will be a grey eventually.   Her new owner, Alisha, has named her Kadencia, or Kadence for short.  

For more photos, follow this link:

Hawke do Summerwind x Gralha M.U.G.! Predicted to be a filly, but she is a he!   We got back just in time from Colorado to be there.   We are so delighted with our newest foal!   He has lots of prescence, very bold and confident little one!   I am always amazed that their personality is so apparent on day 1!  Very nice marcha, smooth and flashy with high knee action.

We are on letter K!  His name will be Kharisma do Summerwind!   It suits him to a T.

For more photos and a short video, follow this link:

Wanting some new photos of Marchadors!!! Check out our photos from the summer in Colorado!

Follow this link!

Raising money for our MM breed, Canadian artist Shannon Ford Art Poster is now available! 

 For the US, with your donation of $20, we will send you this fine poster of a magnificent Mangalarga Marchador suitable for framing! Shipping and handling is $5 of that $20. International shipping is $15.

 The funds collected will be allocated to a fund for Marchador Horses in need. Because this is a fund-raiser, you can also contribute more. The photo is her young stallion Canadian Regente, son of Talisma Kafe x Regina de Lazy T.

For more information, follow this link:

Breyerfest featured the Mangalarga Marchador as their Celebration Horse and 2016 Model. There were three Marchadors there at the show that posed for pictures and showed in the arena once a day. 

 The USMMA represented our breed and our breeders at a booth during this July Event. Our booth was manned by Lynn Kelley, Victor Rosa, Sandy Hull and Rick Schatz. Rick drove all the booth materials fro m the Las Vegas PBR booth to Kentucky along with materials sent to him by other breeders and owners. The USMMA volunteers came at their own expense and worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thank you! 

 Represented in the booth were: The USMMA, Marchador Association, Canadian Marchadores, Flying Oaks Ranch, Future Foal, HH Sensing, Marchadors InMotion, Rancho de los Cielos, Saint Horse Marchadores, Summerwind Marchadors.

For more on this event, follow this link:
These future foals “do Summerwind” have superior pedigrees, wonderful disposition, beauty and gait. We breed for uniqueness, seeking to increase the genetic diversity in the Marchador population. That is why we are focused in finding individuals who commit to breeding and producing another Marchador generation. We offer payment plans and creative ways to get you your first Marchador foal!

For Reservation – 100% ownership or partner with us 25% or 50%  

#1  K** do Summerwind $10,000 Expected October 2016 – Gralha MUG x Hawke do Summerwind. Weaned and ready to go May 2017 or you can keep this baby with us until you are ready! Color 50% chance of grey. Marcha batida. This is Hawke’s first foal crop and we would love to find a partner or new owner/breeder for this foal! Expect to be amazed – great gait, athletic and so sweet. 

#2 L** do Summerwind $10,000  Expected March 2017 Azenha de Maripa x Arun de Maripa. Weaned and ready to go October 2017. Our first Arun foal. Arun is producing fabulous offspring in Brazil and this is only the 2nd foal of his in the U.S. Black or bay color. Marcha batida. Azenha produces fabulous foals – Beethoven, Hawke, Hemingway are shining examples. This is a great chance for you to have a pure Maripa-bred Marchador! 

#3 For Sale  Imperio do Summerwind  Destiny do Summerwind x Talisma Kafe. 2 year old buckskin pinto gelding that is truly unique and special. Buy him today and finish the training that you want on him as a 3 year old, or have us finish him for you. Today’s price as a 2 year old is listed at $12,500, but we will be increasing that soon. Now is the time!   

Joining the Summerwind investors and breeders are Cathy Pierce of Corpus Christi, TX and Laura Patterson and Victor Rosa of Gainesville, FL.  .

Cathy Pierce fell in love with Marchadors after riding them in Brazil at one of her exchange student’s family farm. Cathy adds 2 younger Marchador mares to the Summerwind reservation pool, with Destiny do Summerwind (La Paz Jivago x Chanel de Miami) and Cassandra do MManor (Frevo da Camaq x Ibiza da Boa Fe).   

 Laura Patterson Rosa and Victor Rosa are Brazilians who are here in the US as Laura pursues her doctorate degree at the University of Florida. She is a veterinarian who is researching Gait Genetics of the Mangalarga Marchador, but brings many other skills and years of experience to our group. Victor is a lawyer and trained interpreter and we plan to use his skills daily with our ventures to ensure the quality and diversity of the Marchador breed here by learning, working with Brazil and importing.  

Future Foal offers frozen semen from 7 Marchador stallions, sometimes frozen embryos and reservations on Future Foals do Summerwind using our group of 14 Marchador mares. Future Foal reservations are available for a 2017 foal. 

Our group of resources, investors and breeders are located in Scottsdale AZ, Sedona AZ, Pagosa Springs CO, Gainesville, FL and Corpus Christi, TX. Please contact us if you are interested in investing in creating and promoting the Mangalarga Marchador horse in North America.

The Spanish Breed issue of Horseman’s News was distributed widely at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse in Burbank, CA. 

In it was an article about the breed and also an article on breeding by Summerwind Future Foal.  To see the article on-line, please follow this link:

Don’t miss the year’s largest Breyer fan festival – Breyerfest! held July 22-24, 2016. This year’s festival theme is Brazilian Carnival and the Mangalarga Marchador is a featured horse breed reflecting that theme!

Bring on the feathers and start practicing your samba for the 27th annual BreyerFest at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.   BreyerFest is the intersection of the real horse world and the model horse hobby – with spectacular equine entertainment, the largest model horse show in the country, the horses that inspired the models and thousands of families and fans for three fabulous days.  

The Marchador is this year's Celebration horse and show model.  Booth Number is #318. Lots of information and give-aways. Come and stop by! We hope to see you in Kentucky! 

Brazil, the birthplace of the Mangalarga Marchador! We made it! We did it! And had a fabulous time. 

Our Brazil trip group of 9 people from AZ and FL were breeders and investors with Summerwind Marchadors, Inc. We traveled to four cities, 3 states and visited 5 Marchador horse farms while we were there. Enjoy our slideshow of the country, the horses! It’s as if you were there too. 

Please follow this link to see the pictures and read where we have been.

We appreciate it when we get press, especially when it’s their idea! We hope their readers loved the article. There is currently only one Marchador in New England. And that Marchador is gelding, Chama-Lustre do Lucero, with Cyndy Falvey in Maine.

We'd like to see more there! 

Click on the pdf file symbol to download the article.
One Future Foal left for reservation!

Find out more about this wonderful Gralha M.U.G x Hawke do Summerwind foal to be born in October 2016. We are expecting two, but keeping one for ourselves!