In early November, Summerwind requested an ABCCMM inspection and Dr. Kate Barcelos came to the U.S. for a super quick trip. ABCCMM inspectors are licensed veterinarians that receive extensive training from the ABCCMM, the Brazilian Marchador Association. 

We were able to arrange with other breeders so that more Marchadors also got to be seen in AZ, TX and FL. Our inspection day was beautiful and almost 20 Marchador owners and lovers were there to see it for the first time! Asking questions and learning about what the ABCCMM is seeking in the standard of the breed, they were able to understand more about the Marchador gait, conformation and temperament requirements. Great for them, that both a foal inspection and definitive inspections were shown and the branding as well. 

 To read more about the inspection process and see photos, please follow this link:

Follow this link to order your calendar today! 15 months of beautiful Marchador horses. 

We had a big crowd welcoming Jedi-Knight into the world on Sunday night! At least 10 people hanging over the stall! 

Maiden mare Isabelle do Great Lakes was superb! What a good mother she is! Nicknamed Izzy, she is owned by Karen Ann Livesay, Future Foal @ Sedona. And the surprise package is a pinto colt! Jedi is reserved by Elizabeth and D.J. Sims also in AZ, who will become Marchador breeders! The whole atmosphere was charged with excitement and awe. 

 Jedi’s sire is Brazilian Marchador stallion Talisma Kafe, a black and white pinto, using imported frozen semen.

Training on the Marchador gait and the all NEW and harder functional test!

Come with your horse or use one of ours.   Instructor is Laura Patterson Rosa from Brazil.   Class size is limited to 10 riders and horses, but auditors are welcome!

Outwest Stallion Station
15419 E Rio Verde Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Please see attached pdf file for more information!   OR call us at (602) 999-3915.

In just a short time, we had so many inquiries on Fidalgo do Summerwind!   It's not often that we have an adult Marchador for sale, and certainly not one as sweet as this one.   Smooth and beautiful come with the package.

Summerwind is committed to the quality and diversity of the Marchador breed here and we think the Brazilian inspection process is a great tradition to uphold.

2 horses will be inspected here in Colorado in August taking advantage of the inspector already traveling for  the first Canadian inspection ever!

For more information on the ABCCMM inspection process, read this article recently published in Riding Magazine.

Learn more about training for understanding and training from the horse's point of view by reading this article.
Inspired by Ned Leigh of Ned Leigh Equine Focus, Paulden, AZ.  Ned teaches clinics with Marchador horses for us at Summerwind.

All of the photos are from his clinics here.  Enjoy!

FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) Magazine features the Mangalarga Marchador breed. Koyote Libertas, our imported gelding makes the front cover! Photo by Tamara Gooch! 

 Click here to read the whole article on-line!

Interested in getting started with the Marchador breed? 

We would love to help you explore this co-ownership option or other options to help us out with starting up the breed. We have plenty of ideas!

Read more about co-ownership and other investment ideas by following this link.

Follow this link to see our photos from April! 

  • Ranch and "do Summerwind" Marchadors!
  • Ned Leigh's Clinic
  • Photo Shoot Sunday, with Tamara Gooch and Jess Lee!
  • Florida MM trip
It was a fun-filled month!

Future Foal "do Summerwind"!   Our newest ad was full page.   
We are all about quality, quality, quality.   

Expect to be impressed!
Frozen semen opens new doors for breeders! Are you ready to enter this new world of breeding?

Many people have not ever used frozen semen in their breeding program and there is a big learning curve. Here at Future Foal @ Summerwind, we began our learning with our Marchador mares and our stallion La Paz Jivago, before entering into importing frozen semen from Brazil. 

 to read some of our learnings and answers to common questions we had. For our education, we rely heavily on our breeding vet Dr. Jerry Longworth of Scottsdale Equine Reproductive Center, located in Scottsdale AZ and Select Breeder Services, where Jerry is an affiliate.
Born at 3 p.m. on March 27th!  Jewel is a Jewel!   She's a full sister to Gaia do Summerwind who is Brasilia do Summerwind x Oma de Maripa!    Another miracle foal using frozen semen imported from Brazil.

Quality! Quality! Quality!   

Congratulations to the new owner, Mark Horner, who reserved this "future foal".   To see her first steps, please follow this link.

Check out our March photos of Marchador horses!  Future Foal "do Summerwind"

It's breeding time!   Follow this link to read the article about how to select a perfect stallion partner for breeding your mare.

Sign up today for 2 days of fun and learning at our April Clinic. 
Saturday – Ground work training with Precision 
Sunday – Riding with Precision (same steps as taught the day before on the ground. 

Follow this link to see our slideshow of January and February photos of our Marchadors and us!

Congratulations to Bill and Carmen Leatherwood with their latest purchase of 2 wonderful and sweet Marchador horses for themselves and to share with their entire family. We purchased these 2 mares in Brazil over 10 years ago and recently re-purchased them as they approached their golden years. However, their stay with us will only be a few months now, until their family picks them up in June to take them to their new Colorado home.
With Laurie Klassen on Caboclo da Piedade and me on Koyote Libertas, we explored a new sport using our Marchadors.

Follow this link for some pictures of us and a video of Working Equitation. 

What fun!

Click on the pdf file symbol to download the article about the Mangalarga Marchador breed.
Received this week and available for sale, this 16.5 ” Sensation saddle is very attractive and ready to ship out to someone who doesn’t want to wait!
 Loaded with extras! Priced at $1800 US, includes shipping. 

 Flap shortened 1″, but with removable standard rigging so it will fit all size riders with more swing to the stirrup. 16.5″ Western seat size with grey foam. Tobacco Glovetan on Brown Nappa with matching brown seat. Tall Western swell and cantle. SS Hardware. Cheyenne roll on back of seat. UBL on bar area of underside. 
Follow this link to see our November and December photos at the ranch!