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The Brazilian Saddle Horse, the Mangalarga Marchador, was featured and shown during the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Finals week in Las Vegas! Many of the top ten professional bull riders are Brazilian and the sport is so big there, there is a PBR, Brazil! Thanks to APEX, Brasil who also support the PBR, the Marchador event came to life in Vegas, baby! 

We were there for the big event! 

To see photos and video from the PBR, follow this link:

Follow this link for our slideshow of October photos of Marchadors!

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This year we have 2 versions!   13 and 15 months.    The 15 month version includes 2 pages with photos of our clinics and Marchador friends!

Enjoy stunning photos of Marchador beauties all year long. 
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Thanks to the clinic committee, the trainers and the participants for helping us pull off our 4th annual clinic! Special thanks to those that brought Marchadors – Bill and Sandy Dory, Jim Hannah, Flying Oaks and Rancho de los Cielos.   The clinic cost is partially underwritten by the USMMA and the ABCCMM, so thanks to them too.

Next year’s clinic moves EAST to the Carolinas or Tennessee! A new format and new classes will be added – send in your suggestions – perhaps Working Marchador would be fun!

Our goal is to keep learning and enjoying our Brazilian Saddle Horses – the Mangalarga Marchador!

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Sponsored by the ABCCMM and APEX’s Brazilian Saddle Horse Project, and supported by the USMMA (North American Marchador Association), the Brazilians invite you to meet their National Horse too! 
Would you like to meet a Marchador? 

The Brazilians are showcasing the Mangalarga Marchador, the National Horse of Brazil, at 2 events with the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) September 5-6 in Nashville TN and October 22-26 in Las Vegas NV. 

Two great entertainment cities, this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Frozen semen, that is!  

We are importing a new shipment of 3 Marchador stallions from Agro Maripa and Arun de Maripa, he is one of them!

To read more about him and the other Maripa stallions, please follow this link:

To catch up with us on the ranch, follow this link for photos!

Day 2 and Day 3 of the SW Clinic focused on riding and learning to feel the different gaits and speeds of the Marchador. SW offered: 
  • Artemis do Summerwind – marcha picada 
  • Siglioso do Rav – marcha picada 
  • Seamus da Boa Fe – marcha picada & marcha batida 
  • Bossa Nova de Miami – marcha de centro 
  • Gralha M.U.G. – marcha batida 
  • Koyote Libertas – marcha batida 
  • Caboclo da Piedade – marcha batida 
For pictures, please visit this link:

Lead Line Management – it sounds so simple, doesn’t it? We learned from Ned – everyone needs this course! Basics are the building blocks of horsemanship and what we learned in class also translates into riding exercises as well. Find out more about Ned Leigh on his website: 

  1. Our learnings from Ned during the clinic: The backup: This is an important command! It primarily establishes our boundary between us and the horse. This boundary must be maintained and consistent if the horse is ever to truly understand. There should be at least 4 different commands or ways the horse understands as a request for a backup. 
  2. The horse should never be disciplined if they come into our space! It is the fault of the person if this happens. It is the responsibility of the person to control the horse’s approach to the boundary. We want a relationship with our horse and we’d like them to want to be close to us and not punish them for this. 
  3. The forward command is a 3 step process.  Point, raise the other hand with the rope end , twirl the rope end. Always use the least amount of pressure or request when asking the horse and then move to the second and third step if needed. 
  4. Allow the horse the time to think and make decisions. 
  5. ALWAYS BE A TEACHER! It is easy to find ourselves in the mindset to make the horse do what we want and the horse will always suffer for that! To be a teacher we must try to see the lesson from the horse’s point of view.
  6. Timing is everything!

For more photos, go to this page:

Click on the link below to see a photo version of the Saddle and Stirrups article named "Act as if YOU Make a Difference"   featuring the SW Marchadors. 

This article is the continuation of Gaia's Diary, our first filly born with imported frozen semen from Brazil.  Her sire is Oma de Maripa from Agro Maripa, SP Brazil.

When you get to the photos, if you click on them, they become full size and you can view the photos and read the pages.

Mid-July we hosted a clinic with 3 fun-filled and learning-filled days!

Day 1 Ned Leigh, Lead Line Management 
Day 2 & 3 Laura Patterson (Brazil) Marcha Gait Training in the Saddle and on the Ground 

For highlights, photos and even videos, please click on the following links:

More from last year's on the marcha gait!

With Karen's purchase of Isabelle do Great Lakes (IZZY) SW Future Foal gained a new breeder! Welcome to Karen Livesay of Sedona who wants to invest and contribute to the future of the Mangalarga Marchador breed here in North America! 

About Karen: She’s a native Southern Californian of Costa Rica-Nicaragua Indian descent. Undergrad from UCLA, MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziado School of Business and doctortal study in Systems Theory from Fielding Institute all contributed to her future as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Karen has had an exciting and intense business career. She ran her own million dollar manufacturing company, directed support services in a Fortune 5 company, and held an adjunct business school faculty position at California Lutheran University. 

But she discovered a real passion as an extreme outdoor adventure lover following years of horseback riding, mountain biking, backpacking, river rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, rappelling, cross-country skiing and lots of hiking. She also became a powered parachute basic flight instructor and a police-trained and certified mounted Arizona Ranger. 

For Karen, Four Winds Adventures, a large-event planning company she established in 1996, was a culmination of a lifetime of loves and expertise. Selling the company’s premiere property, the Sedona Marathon, to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce in 2011 has allowed her to become a world traveler, art collector, breeder of Mangalarga Marchador gaited horses, and philanthropist. Married to her husband since 1981, they fostered two older children for 11 years, and she is a cancer survivor. 


Contact us to reserve an frozen embryo or a SW Future Foal from Izzy to be born Fall 2015.

We are the proud owners of Gralha M.U.G., one of the foundation Marchador mares in the country! However, we did not purchase her to increase our herd, but rather to see her contribute to the future of the Mangalarga Marchador here in North America. 

So, we are offering her or her products for sale. Our choice would be to find her a forever home since we want to stay a small, boutique innovation breeder. Please call or email us to discuss the option or options of interest to you. We are very flexible for the right home. 

  1. We want a forever home which is worth a lot to us and this good mare. 
  2. Buy her SW Future Foal!  If we can get an embryo.  She can no longer carry a foal.  Reserve the foal for $10,000 on a SW payment plan. (10% off to SW clients) 

One look at her pedigree, you will know why we consider her to be so special and unique.  One measure of greatness is Brasil’s ELITE book – a registry of National Champion Marchadors who also produced National Champions. Parents and grandparents that are ELITE champions matter the most. Further back in the pedigree, it becomes less of an indicator.  

There are actually 2 ELITE books. MM7 has about 700 horses of distinction. MM8 (the SPECIAL ELITE book) has only 67 horses. Horses who are in MM8 are also in MM7. 

In Gralha's pedigree:
  •  Enigma Scala SIRE (MM8 ELITE book – only 1 of 67 horses in this book) 
  • Batuy da Santa Terezinha GRAND SIRE (MM8 ELITE book) 
  • Irapuru Bela Cruz (MM8 Elite book) 
  • Cravina da Santa Terezinha GRAND DAM Abaiba Batuira (MM8 ELITE book) 
  • Furacao Bela Cruz 
  • Providencia Regente 
  • Herdade Jupia 

 For more information about Gralha, please visit her webpage.

Yeah!   Check it out! 

Do you know Tamara? She and Jess Lee are fabulous western photographers, shooting wilderness, ranch scenes and yes, of course, horses. Tamara’s work is showcased in several galleries and sometimes event shopping like COWBOY CHRISTMAS in Las Vegas. In 2015, they will have a gallery in Sedona, AZ.

Click here on this link for the JUNE HIGHLIGHTS of Summerwind Marchadors and friends!

Click on the link below to see a photo version of the Saddle and Stirrups article named "First, Do No Harm" featuring the SW Marchadors. 

 This article is about being there as the voice of your horse - you know him best! 

 When you get to the photos, if you click on them, they become full size and you can view the photos and read the pages.
During the May visit to Brazil, we agreed to purchase 50% of a young Marchador mare in Brazil.  We invested in Cachaca de Tres Coracoes, a new farm and breeder for us, on this visit.    It’s a new idea for us and we decided to try it and hope that it may appeal to others as well.

There is potential to make money selling her embryos there in Brazil. 

If you would like to partner with us on Cachaca or another Marchador in Brazil, please give us a call!     We can work with you, or just put you in touch with the coordinator of the Brazilian Saddle Horse Project in Brazil!

Follow this link for a great slideshow of all the SW Marchadors and friends - AZ, CO and Brazil!

Please click on the  pdf file symbol below  to read more about the Mangalarga Marchador from HI editor Leslie Potter.   Leslie traveled to Brazil in 2013 to learn about the Marchador first-hand.

The photo cover is a young stallion named Argentino V8, from Haras V8, SP state.  Photo credit Paula da Silva.

There are 2 sort-of mistakes in the article – the breed standard does not allow blue eyes, so some colors are excluded like albino and cremello.   And while the ideal height of the Marchador is around 15H, the breed can range from 14.2 to 16H.

I hope you enjoy reading the article!  If you would like a copy, please contact me for a free copy in the mail.

Click on the link below to see a photo version of the Saddle and Stirrups article named "Pretty in Pink" featuring the SW Marchadors.

This article is by my niece about her vacation at the ranch.

When you get to the photos, if you click on them, they become full size and you can view the photos and read the pages.

Click on the link below to see a photo version of the Saddle and Stirrups article named "Act as if YOU Make a Difference"   featuring the SW Marchadors. 

This article is our new Foundation for Marchador horses and owners - for disasters and for dreams! 

When you get to the photos, if you click on them, they become full size and you can view the photos and read the pages.
The SW Newsletter for March and April!  Enjoy!   Please send us your email if you want to be on the mailing list!
We are pleased and excited to welcome a new addition to the SW Future Foal network!  When Laurie and Don Klassen purchased Joia Norte, a buckskin Marchador mare, they approached us to be SW Future Foal @ Casa Rio.

SW Future Foal now operates in AZ, CO, NC (SW Future Foal @ LumberBridge) and in Saskatchewan, CANADA!

You can expect to have the same great service, the same attention to unique genetic bloodlines and the same foal care and natural horse care and handling at all three facilities – SW FUTURE FOAL @ Summerwind, @LumberBridge and @CasaRio!   

Laurie will also act as our frozen semen distributor for Canada.    Please welcome Laurie Klassen via email or phone.    

Read more about Laurie by clicking here.

Click on the photos to see full-size!  More Marchadors!

Click on the link below to see a photo version of the Saddle and Stirrups article named "9 Lives Minus 1", by Lynn Kelley and featuring the SW Marchadors.

When you get to the photos, if you click on them, they become full size and you can view the photos and read the pages.

Click on this link to see the photo pages of the ipad magazine Saddle and Stirrups. The name of the article is "Stress-Free Weaning"

Click on the photos to see full size, read the page and then hit the browser's back button to get to the next page. Great photos and stories!
New videos of Koyote Libertas, the MARCHA BATIDA gait,  Isabelle do Great Lakes (Izzy) and Dream Horse - Amadeus do Summerwind, a children's book.  For Amadeus, you need to hit the pause button to read the pages.
Airing on HRTV on Christmas day was a segment about the Mangalarga Marchador! We have copies of the TV show available if you would like a copy of the show. 

An overview of the Mangalarga Marchador horse and 2 of the early importers of the Marchador to the U.S. – Flying Oaks Ranch, Oklahoma and Summerwind Marchadors, Arizona. Produced by HorseFlicks.