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Follow this link for more photos of Marchadors and SW in December!  We went to Bahia, Brazil for Marchador Fest and the CBM horse show!

Wonderful stallions and great news for continued importation of frozen semen from Brazilian stallions!

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We have some exciting news! Dana @ Nickers Saddlery has completed a new saddle model – the Western Gaucho. 

 This saddle is inspired by the Brazilian saddles that the cowboys, or Gauchos as they are called, ride their Mangalarga Marchadors in. Although the style is not exactly as the gauchos use (each gaucho often handcrafts their own version of a saddle) the style takes some elements of what the gaucho saddle is often seen with. 

 How is the Western Gaucho different than the Western Sport? The rear jockey is larger, wider and more shaped, the seat has a Cheyenne roll on a tall western cantle, there is a rear cinch ring which may be used for center fire rigging or with a rear cinch. This model comes standard with western D rigging, and a ring for removable billet or buckle for stirrup attachment. The fenders, rear jockeys, swell, seat pattern and underside are all the same as the Western Sport. The weight on this saddle is our heaviest at 15lbs.. The length is the same as the western sport at 23″. 

The Western Gaucho will retail for $1680. 

Follow this link to view all of the great photos from October! It was Gaia's birthday party!!!

Great pictures of SW Marchadors!

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Rick Schatz, MM breeder and owner of Flying Oaks Ranch, and SW Future Foal are working together to acquire four mares from Great Lakes Marchadors, MI.   Summerwind Marchadors first imported two of these mares from Brazil in 2005 before they were sold to Michigan. We are excited and happy to be adding new mares to our breeding program. Two of the younger mares will be offered for sale, we hope to new Marchador breeders to continue their bloodlines as well as enjoy the ride! 

However, if not sold, all the mares will eventually be housed in Oklahoma at Flying Oaks Ranch to live the good life on Rick’s lush pastures. Ator Fazenda Zouga is a good match for the mares, but Flying Oaks and SW also will be breeding the mares with imported Brazilian semen to produce embryos.

To learn more about the mares, continue reading:

If you build it, they will come and so they did!   We had a wonderful experience hosting our own MM Clinic with Laura Patterson, a rider, trainer and vet from Brazil and Ann Staiger, gait genetics researcher from Cornell.

Click the link for the recap, the photos and the videos!

Keeping up with the Summerwind Marchadors group. July and August were packed! A lot of pictures here - Gaia, Hawke, Diego, Beethoven, Bacara do Summerwind, Violeiro de Itajoana, Santa Fe, Brazil, our clinic!!! 

 The Marchador Clinic and the Brazil trip also have their own post with more photos! Click on each photo to view larger. and then the back button to return to the album. 

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Cheese bread! Cachaca (sp)! Old friends! New friends! Marchador horses! It was a trip to heaven – I mean Brazil! It was the best of all worlds – I got to attend the National Show AND go out to visit farms! Perfect! 

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Saddle and Stirrups – Issue 25 IPAD MAGAZINE 

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 You can also view other Saddle and Stirrups issues where the Marchador is featured! 
  • October 2012 – Introduction to the MM Breed
  •  November 2012 - Visit to Brazil and the ABCCMM National Show 
  • December 2012 - Launching a Legacy – Becoming an MM Breeder 
  • January 2013, Gaia do Summerwind 
  • Issue 9 - Frozen all the Way 
  • Issue 10 - Gaia’s Diary 
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  • Issue 18 – Cavalgadas – the Way of the Marchador 
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How is your favorite Marchador doing? Hallelujah? Hemingway? Gaia? Hawke? Beethoven? or Leo? 

Here’s the month photos from SW and others!  Follow this link to see all the photos and read the stories behind the pictures.

August 17-18
Our friends Dr. Laura and Dr. Ann are coming to visit!  And we are taking advantage of their talents to offer a clinic/get-together at our ranch in August.    Please come and join us !  You can bring your Marchador or use one of ours!  Or, you can just sit, listen and laugh.   It will be fun and educational.

For more information, please click on this link below

Born a few days ahead of schedule, Hemingway is a special little Marchador foal! 

Hemi is a great strong boy from Azenha de Maripa and La Paz Jivago!  He also represents our first success using a frozen embryo transfer to surrogate mare. We are so happy that Valarie Giacalone took the chance! What a reward!

 Valarie and her son Chris visited us in Colorado last year and we were all impressed by their connection with horses and soft, kind hearts. Just made to own a Marchador! Get to know this new Marchador pioneer, just keep reading!

 Valarie’s story
 I was one of those horse crazy girls who lived at the stable, mucking, carrying water, saddling, brushing, anything to be around the horses. I was raised around thoroughbreds and 5 gaited saddlebreds, very high strung show horses. I bought my first horse at 44 years old as I started my PhD work as a single mom. I bought a beautiful quarter horse and discovered trail riding in the rocky mountains. 

That lasted about 6 or 7 years until a friend came over with Tennessee Walking Horses one Thanksgiving Day. Within a year we had 4 Tennessee Walkers, and then went up to 6 of them. We love the Walkers, but hate what is happening to the breed with all of the abuse and a National Association that will not halt it. 

Horses are a huge part of our life. I raised my son as a single mom and horses have helped keep the family together and eliminated a lot of the typical teenage drama because he always had the horses and chores and “real” things to do. It lead into my job where I run a horse program at a Residential Treatment Center for teenage girls. Each of our girls has their own horse, not to ride, but to “own”, love, respect and build a relationship with. The horses help greatly in the self-confidence, identity development, and empathy. 

About 14 months ago I was reading on the Parelli website about Pat and Linda traveling to Brazil to see these horses called Mangalarga Marchadors. Everyone on the site was raving about these incredible horses, so I got online and researched them. I contacted Lynn Kelley and she was more than gracious about answering my questions (millions of them) and pointing me to more resources. My son Chris and I knew very quickly this was the next breed of horses for us. The only option we had financially was to try a frozen embryo transplant. Lynn had one embryo to try, and we loved the Azhena/Jivago combination. 

Everyone we knew tried to discourage us from trying this. Our vet, Dr. Chris Kolste, said he had studied frozen embryo transplants, and had done hundreds on cows, but never had tried a horse. We all decided to give it a try and Lynn arranged it for us. We went ahead with the frozen embryo transplant before we had ever seen a Marchador in real life. A few months later we went to Colorado to visit Lynn and John and instantly fell in love with the horses. I think my first words upon seeing Azhena were “She is so beautiful!” and I started crying. 

We spent two days riding all of John and Lynns horses and learning all we could about the breed. The transplant was June 6, 2012, and we have counted down every day since then. Hemingway do Summerwind was born May 3, 2013, and we are beyond excited, thrilled and looking forward to the future!

We made the migration back to Pagosa Springs in early May! 

We love coming here for the great weather, the chance for the horses to be in a natural herd and all the unspoiled beauty that is Pagosa! 

This summer, we planned clinics and a few photo shoots. Stay tuned for dates! Ned Leigh teaching Advanced Riding Skills, June or September. Photo shoot in June. And Dr Laura Patterson teaching Marchador gaits mid-August, around August 14. Laura is here studying at Cornell this summer, if we are lucky and we think we will be, Dr Ann Staiger will also come and share some of her research on gait genetics. A fun summer here, and we are also planning a trip to Brasil in July! Please join us! Meet a Marchador horse or try a Sensation saddle! 

Other SW news! 
Congratulations to Major Jeff Bosley who retired from the Air Force in May. We are happy because now Jeff will have even more time to devote to his passion as a SW MM breeder! Jeff and Michelle Bosley operate SW Future Foal Lumbbridge In NC. Find them on FB! 

Congratulations to Cathy, new owner off Destiny do Summerwind. Destiny was conformed pregnant to Talisma Kafe using his frozen imported semen! 

Congratulations to new marchador owner, Karen, who purchased Jorge Ben de Lazy T, a MM gelding with our help and the wondeful cooperation of the owner to complete the details while Karen was abroad. 

Our combined efforts with Flying Oaks and Nickers Saddlery at the Mane Event and on other fronts are paying off too. Flying Oaks Wizard and Flying Oaks Stardust have been sold! Another new MM in AZ and a MM in Alberta Canada. We are thrilled for the new owners and Rick and Dana! 

 Did I forget something? Send us your news or story and I will publish!

Published in Saddle and Stirrups, ipad magazine issue 18.

Ride in Brazil in the 200 year old tradition!   You can see the article by following this link to the post on SW Future Foal.

For the Mane Event, Dana designed and printed a new MM Brochure.   To see the brochure, or to download a copy, please follow this link to our Future Foal website.

It’s the largest equine trade show in Canada and we will be there! April 26-28 in Red Deer Alberta Canada! We hope to meet you there. Booth G-6 and also speaking in the LECTURE HALL. 

For more information on the EVENT, follow this link:;

We are going to promote the Marchador breed and here is why.   In a cooperative effort, Summerwind Marchadors, Flying Oaks Ranch and Nickers Saddlery are pooling resources to promote the Marchador breed in Canada. Summerwind is a distributor of Nicker’s Saddles, the treeless Sensation Saddles here in the U.S. 

 From our press release: In April, the population of Mangalarga Marchador horses in Canada almost doubled in April with the importation of 4 new Marchadors into British Columbia from Flying Oaks Ranch of Kaw City, Oklahoma! 

Some of the new Canadian Marchadors will be trained, shown and offered for sale by Dana Johnsen of Nickers Saddlery, Penticton, B.C.   Nickers will be adding the Marchador horse into their product line and promoting the Marchador breed in Canada! The grand opening of this collaboration between Flying Oaks Ranch, Summerwind and Nickers Saddlery will be at the Mane Event in Red Deer, AB April 26-28, 2013.

Hallelujah!!!  The first foal born to SW Future Foals @ Lumber Bridge and IT'S A GIRL!!!   We are delighted with the quality and personality of this little girl.  

Hallelujah do Summerwind (Halle for short) is the product of 2 great imported Marchador horses.   Bella (Elba Cruzalta) is an imported mare of the highest quality who never takes a step that isn’t a smooth marcha picada! La Paz Jivago represents his Favacho/Tabatinga bloodlines well with solid bone, conformation and athleticism. Did we mention he’s a drop-dead gorgeous metallic dun stallion? 

We believe there is no better way to create your next life partner than to raise it from birth. The bonding, training and fun are priceless! We specialize in genetics and proven producers. “When you plant potatoes, you get potatoes”. 

Our SW Mangalarga Marchador foals are predictable and guaranteed!

To see more pictures of Halle, follow this link:

Saddle and Stirrups is an innovative ipad magazine - great articles, photos and VIDEOS!   To read the article without the ipad, follow this link.

Baroque Horse Magazine is a high-class, artsy magazine with tremendous distribution around the world. So we are happy to have the Mangalarga Marchador highlighted again in 2013 with Gaia do Summerwind. 

The Marchador now joins the other classic baroque breeds on its pages – Lusitanos, Friesians, Andalusians, Lippazans and more! To read the Gaia do Summerwind article in its entirety, follow this link:

An article about breeding using frozen semen in the innovative ipad magazine Saddle and Stirrups! 

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 All our previous issues! Order Saddle and Stirrups today!

Born from Frozen Semen imported from Brazil!

The long-awaited foal of Azenha de Maripa x Ximoio de Maripa showed up early Sunday night, February 17th. This is Ximoio de Maripa’s first foal in the U.S., born using his imported frozen semen. 

 Both Azenha and Ximoio were bred by Agro Maripa, Brazil. 

 We could not be happier with Hawke!  He’s friendly, confident and showing wonderful gait and temperament of the Mangalarga Marchador breed! Born chocolate (milk and dark), he will eventually be grey like his sire. 

Very mystical, we found hawk feathers in his stall, and we knew we had picked the right name!

For more pictures, follow this link, or visit us on FB!

SW Awards recognize your efforts to promote this awesome Marchador breed using a Summerwind Marchador (bred, sold or imported). 

Getting our horses out into the limelight in national or local all-breed events is not only fun, it helps others to see the quality, versatility and performance of the MM breed.  Any horse purchased from Summerwind, their foals or the product of a breeding from or to a Summerwind horse is eligible.

Cash and prizes are awarded at the end of the year based on points.   For more information, please click here:
An overview of the Mangalarga Marchador horse and 2 of the early importers of the Marchador to the U.S. – Flying Oaks Ranch, Oklahoma and Summerwind Marchadors, Arizona.

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Rox Rogers and her Marchador La Paz Jivago had a great season and won our SW Award Program's top prize for 2012!  

4 other SW Marchador owners and Marchadors also earned recognition!  

Since 2009, the SW Awards Program strives to reward owners to get out there and help spread the word about the Mangalarga Marchador breed.  

For the complete story and list of this year's winners, please see:

SW Future Foal offers FIVE top Marchador stallions - frozen semen only - for your breeding program!

All stallions are dual registered, inspected and approved for breeding by the Brazilian Association and PROVEN producers!

For a limited time, we will offer 1 dose of frozen semen to the highest bidder! Minimum bid $500.

  • La Paz Jivago
  • Oma de Maripa
  • Talisma Kafe
  • Tiziu de Maripa
  • Ximoio de Maripa

For more information, please visit this page:

15% off SW in-stock saddles.

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Great pictures and write-ups of Mangalarga Marchador adventures in Europe and Brazil! 

 4 in total. 

 Please click on this link to view:

We are a regular contributor to this innovative ipad magazine.  Click here to see the photos and read the article about our miracle baby, Gaia do Summerwind.

First Marchador foal to be born in the U.S. using imported frozen semen from Agro Maripa, Brazil!   Reserved by Adrienne C. Scheck.

Wear your Marchador or SW Pride on your sleeve!!! 

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