A carbon copy of Tigre do Summerwind? This 2013 foal should be extra special! The first foal of the SW Future Foal @ LumberBridge NC facility, it will be born in March! If you are on the east coast, transportation is very affordable, and we always offer payment plans.

Bella (Elba Cruzalta) is an imported mare of the highest quality who never takes a step that isn’t a smooth marcha picada! La Paz Jivago represents his Favacho/Tabatinga bloodlines well with solid bone, conformation and athleticism. Did we mention he’s a drop-dead gorgeous metallic dun stallion?

It is a match made in heaven, hence the code name Hallelujah!.   Reservation price is only $6,500 for a spectacular baby!

To read more about the sire, dam and see photos, please visit our FUTURE FOAL site by clicking HERE.

Hermes will be our sport horse Marchador foal in the true tradition of Agro Maripa!  The product of Azenha de Maripa, imported MM mare and Ximoio de Maripa, still in Brasil. (click on their names to see their pages)  This will be Ximoio’s first foal in the U.S.!  The Marchador world will be watching this one – around the world.Ground covering marcha batida!  Add the bonus of the most beautiful features in the head and neck.  Almost pure Abaiba bloodlines, this foal will be the one that people will stop to watch.  We believe there is no better way to create your next life partner than to raise it from birth. The bonding, training and fun are priceless!   We specialize in genetics and proven producers.To read more and to see photos and videos of the parents, please visit our FUTURE FOAL site by clicking HERE.

Enjoy Marchadors all year long by purchasing a calendar from SW Future Foal.  

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The fall journal of the USMMA contains longer articles about the Marchador breed.

Inside this journal: 
  • Visit to Brazil’s breeder Haras Capim FIno – Kindle McCauley 
  • Western Dressage – Rox Rogers, Haras Cayuse, MT 
  • Human to Horse – Alessandra Deerinck, CA
Click HERE to view the Journal on FUTURE FOAL. 

  • October 2012 – Introduction to the MM Breed
  •  November 2012 – Visit to Brazil and the ABCCMM National Show 
  • December 2013 – Launching a Legacy – Becoming an MM Breeder 

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Soon you can breed to this Brasilian Mangalarga Marchador stallion!   

We received word today that his frozen semen is on its way to the U.S. via FEDEX!  It's an exciting day!  Over a year in the works, SW Future Foal will act as the distributor here in the U.S.

SW Future Foal offers frozen semen for many of the top stallions, magnificent animals, proven sires and diverse bloodlines!   For more information, please visit our SW Future Foal website page: 

Part 1 The Horse 

Translated From the Book History of the Traditional Farms of the Royal Road 

The book is a great coffee table book, but that means it is too big to scan.  

The history of the horse is intimately weaved with the history of Brasil. It is believed that raising of horses began soon after the Brasilian lands were discovered and that the first horses came from the Iberian Peninsula, Madeira and Canary islands. The horse was of great importance to the Iberian. It had the worth of a weapon. The war power of a nation was in the hooves of a well-knit and dynamic cavalry. 

To read the whole article, please follow this link:

Last month – intro to the MM Breed 
This month – visit to Brasil and their National Show

Subscribe to this innovative ipad magazine today! Filled with great information, photos and videos. The Mangalarga Marchador will be featured every month.  

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Gaia made history at 11:00 p.m.October 27, 2012, becoming the first MM foal born in the US using imported frozen semen from Brasil. 

A labor of love, our dream was realized when Agro Maripá collected and exported the first frozen MM semen from 3 of his stallions in Brasil. Our continued thanks to Agro Maripa! Gaia is the product of Oma de Maripa and Brasilia do Summerwind. 

Gaia was reserved by Dr. Adrienne C. Scheck of Scottsdale AZ and with SW Future Foal retaining breeding rights to her to ensure her genetics are carried forward in the U.S.  

To read more and see more photos, follow this link:

Brazil, Brazil! A breed description and intro to the Mangalarga Marchador in this new IPAD magazine! Great photos and video included in every article. 

To get the magazine, go to the ITUNES store. To view what it looked like, follow this link:

Dr. Ann Staiger of Cornell University is researching gaited horse breeds to find the “gait gene”.  Her studies also include lots of measurements of the angles and body parts of the horse to determine the role of conformation and gait.

Ann recently traveled to Brasil during the 2012 MM National Show at the invitation of the ABCCMM  and collected several hundred 100 samples there from champion Marchadors.  To date, this is the best and largest cooperation from a gaited breed association that she has received.

We are all looking forward to her final paper and maybe a video presentation!!!

Please open the pdf file to read the whole article, or you can also follow this link:

240 km in 7 days from Germany to Italy! Is this a ride you would like to be on?  

This is truly a breed without frontiers! Please open the pdf file here or visit this post to read the whole article and see the brilliant pictures!
Mangalarga Marchadors are in the new edition of Saddle & Stirrups magazine!   This is a new concept with the magazine online designed for the ipad.  Just go to the itunes store to download a copy.  The first copy is free for viewing!

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I hope you will try it out!!!!   The Marchador is a regular feature of the Magazine.

Valarie Giacalone, UT has purchased an SW Future Foal frozen embryo from Azenha de Maripa x La Paz Jivago (pictured left).  She made history when it took!  This will be the first Marchador foal produced from a frozen embryo in the U.S.!  It will be born in May 2013.  We are all so excited!  

Debra Rowley, Dallas TX has purchased Flying Oaks Pegasus.   In a joint effort between Flying Oaks Ranch and SW Future Foal, the copper-bay gelding was sent to 
Ned Leigh Equine Focus, my equine transporter and horse trainer extraordinaire.   After she lost her mare,  Debra has been searching for a versatile horse that she can depend on and thinks Pegasus will be that guy.   

Adrienne Scheck, Scottsdale AZ has reserved the Future Foal of Brasilia do Summerwind and Oma de Maripa!   Anyone who has met these 2 parents knows what a special horse this will be!   We couldn’t be more excited. The first OMA foal in the U.S.!  SW has retained the breeding rights for the future, whether the foal be male or female, so it will be a shared day of joy for all.

To read more, please visit our other website:

In July, I traveled alone, and in July there is only one choice for me – the National Mangalarga Marchador Exposition in Belo Horizonte, MG.   Why?  Because everyone is there!

The ABCCMM (Brazilian Marchador Breeders Association) holds the MM National Show every year in July for 11 days.   To participate in these championships 1.500 Marchador horses and their riders from all over Brazil travel to Belo Horizonte.    All of the horses have to qualify to come by winning in several regional competitions.   At the National Show, you can see the top Mangalarga Marchadors of Brazil in one place, at one time.  It is like a candy store for the eyes.

In Brazil, the land of endless spaces and great distances,  special emphasis is placed on the Marchadors’ natural gait, for which they were named,  called the MARCHA.  There are 2 championships given in each age and sex category – Champion of the Marcha and Overall Champion.   For the overall Champion, there are three parts and the scores are combined to determine the winner:

  • Marcha
  • Conformation
  • Functional Test
To read more about the show, visit our other website post with movies, songs and more photos!

Thank you Astrid Oberniedermayr for sharing! It is great news for us here! First working equitation show! Both Patek and Urano are sons of OMA DE MARIPA, one of the Maripa stallions whose semen we have to offer here. Their results are so promising for the Marchador breed! Both Brasil and here in the U.S., there is growing interest to move into Working Equitation events. Here in the U.S., I have been approached by several individuals inviting the breed into events.
There are very few horses who can say they've had a song written about them.  But the Mangalarga Marchador does!

Here is the link to listen to the song and see some great footage too!

If you want to view the lyrics, please visit this link:

Three stallions!  Three great choices!

 We’ve met our goal!   We wanted to create a frozen semen bank of superior Mangalarga Marchador stallions from Brasil.    We felt that this would be good for the genetic diversity of the Marchador breed here in North America and also could help us to keep or improve our breed quality.   Many of these superior stallions would never have been sold, but we can get access to their semen through modern reproductive technology!

Here is our offering!   Frozen semen only.   

  • Oma de Maripa! 
  • Ximoio de Maripa!
  • La Paz Jivago!

 For more information, photos and pricing, please visit our Future Foal website!


If you have never used frozen semen, please contact us to learn more.  We’d be happy to help you find a breeding vet in your area and  see if your mare is a good candidate for using frozen semen.   Success rates are often just as high as any AI using cooled semen.



We rarely breed without a person requesting a foal.  

However, in 2012, we received frozen Marchador semen from superior stallions from Agro Maripa, Brasil.   This was the first importation of Marchador frozen semen – a project we had worked on for many years.   

Agro Maripa has bred Marchador horses for over 30 years and they focus on producing sport horses of excellent quality, beauty, comfort and intelligence.  They have a great formula!  Mr. Marcelo Baptista is student of genetics and puts this passion into practice also in cattle and goats as well as his prized and much loved Mangalarga Marchadors.

So, this year,  we needed to prove the semen from Brasil and so we bred our mares using Maripa frozen semen even though we had no reservation.   We were thinking to keep these historic, unique and fabulous foals to be born for ourselves, but in the end, decided to offer them also as SW Future Foals!  

There are 3 foals expected that will be offered:

  • Genghis-Khan do Summerwind - November 2012
  • Hermes do Summerwind - February 2013
  • Hallelujah do Summerwind - March 2013 (in NC)

For pricing, pictures and to RESERVE A FOAL, please visit our Future Foal website:

Tiago showing the diagram of the Marcha

The Mangalarga Marchador has 2 marching gaits.  The Marcha is the same footfalls in both marcha picada and marcha batida.  The footfall sequence is


When the length of time spent in lateral supports is higher, then the gait is marcha picada.  When the length of time is higher spent in diagonal supports is higher, then the gait is marcha batida.  In both,  there are moments of triple hoof support, which is what makes the gait smooth and easy to ride.

When the length of time spent in diagonal and lateral pairs are equal, it is sometimes described as marcha de centro.

To the human ear, in marcha picada,  there is a much longer time (in lateral) between the footfalls making the 4 beats very distinctive and easily heard.   In marcha batida, the marcha is still 4 beat, but the footfalls of the diagonal pairs land closer together making it harder to hear 4 distinct beats.

Training can help improve a Marchador’s natural gait, but genetics determine the innate quality and movement of the horse.  Breeding for the center of the spectrum is the goal for a smooth and well-balanced movement.  

Below is the gait spectrum:


Pace                             Marcha Picada               /\            Marcha Batida                                                Trot

(True lateral)                                                    CENTER                                                         (true diagonal)


Here is are some videos comparing the 2 gaits and you can HEAR the difference, although all Marchador gaits are smooth.  These may not be the best examples of the MM breed, but I chose them because the horses were ridden on hard ground so you can hear as well as see.

Marcha Picada

Marcha de Centro (Marcha Batida)

Marcha Batida

“To help you feel and analyze the marcha, you need to use 5 things:   2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 seat.” says Tiago during the classroom lecture.   Sometimes the marcha is not visible to a untrained human eye.  The feet move too fast for us.   The ears are very good to listen for the gait.   And the seat, it should signal when the gait is smooth.   As the rider, you try to put the horse in that place, and make that feeling and sound last for longer and longer periods of time.

“It is like a dance”.  The horse must stay relaxed in the neck, but driving from behind.  ”So, the rider, he sets the boundary in front to make a door that is closed.”  So, the horse moves into collection, but it is a give and take between the horse and rider, especially in the beginning, for the horse to stay relaxed and giving to the bit.

Okay, now we understood the diagram of the marcha.

The quality of the movement in Brasil is judged on many levels:  the showiness of the gait (the C with the front legs), the diagram of the marcha (how close it comes to perfection in footfalls and timing), the length of the stride (they want it to be ground covering, extension is valued) and finally, the smoothness of the gait.

So, now how do you bring it out in your Marchador?    For this, we relied on Kate’s individual riding instruction on the Marchadors brought to the clinic.  Next post!

It’s an annual migration to Colorado in late April or early May!  And it’s a good thing too, as the temperatures in Scottsdale are almost in triple digits.   We love being able to enjoy riding and the outdoors every day!   And the horses….. well, the horses are just different here.  They look better, more alive, taller, shinier!   There is no way to fully describe it.

By now, it’s our 6th year here, they know where they are.  They know the routine.  Koyote comes off the trailer and gaits right down the barn aisle to his stall.   He’s so smart!  We need to get them adjusted to the grass, but that is about it.

I guess by now, we know the routine too.  We were unpacked that night and we started riding the very next day!  Even by our standards, that was fast.   The only change for us is that we are getting older – but what’s wrong with more wine on the porch watching the elk or deer graze across the street?   Perhaps this is the year without the laundry list of projects.  Bring on the trail rides in the mountains, new journeys to Taos, maybe visiting the LONE RANGER movie set and just enjoying each wonderfully clear, crisp Colorado morning.

We’d love to share Colorado with you!  Come and meet the Marchador and share our passion.

As always, thanks to Ned Leigh for taking such good care of our horses during the ride here.

Take a look into our life!  If you click on a photo, you can get the large image.  

The Sela de Ouro is Portuguese for “Saddle of Gold”, the WAY OF THE MARCHADOR.  It is a multi-day event that the Brasilians use to test the Marchador horses and the Marchador riders.

In Brasil, throughout the year are qualifying rides for the final Sela de Ouro held at the time of the Mangalarga Marchador National Show in July.   The European association has hosted a Sela de Ouro in Germany since 2009.  Now in 2012,  the USMMA and ABCCMM are helped Connie Claire host the first ever in the U.S. at the MM Clinic in Ocala, FL.

Riders from the US and Europe that finish the Sela de Ouro in their country can qualify to ride in the final Sela de Ouro in Brasil!

During the ride, the horses and riders are evaluated on the trail, on a track and in an obstacle course over several days. Marchadors are evaluated on their marcha in these aspects: Gesture, Comfort, Style, Length of stride, Regularity
In addition, a vet check tests them for endurance fitness and integrity.

Jeff and Bacara do Summerwind in the functional test. They won!

The riders are evaluated on riding skills and also on the functional test on these aspects:  Seat and leg contact, Center posture and balance, Use of the aids, Control and security, Naturalness, Functional test (like an obstacle course)

Each competitor has to demonstrate minimal skills of a good rider and good knowledge of his horse on the trail.  The tests and judging are conducted in environments and situations that simulate the roads, sports and travels of ancient knights in speed and distance variables.   The trail has natural hazards in varied terrains of forests, rivers, valleys and mountains.

It was so much fun!  Brasil, anyone?

The Ocala MM Clinic was a resounding success.  Hosted by Connie Claire, Ocala FL, everything went off without a hitch for the first ever Sela de Ouro (the Golden Saddle, the way of the Marchador) in the U.S.!  The Sela de Ouro consists of 3 phases:  a long ride similar to an endurance ride with vetting and judging, classroom and arena instruction and judging of conformation and gait,  and also a functional test, similar to an obstacle class.

The instructors were flown in from Brasil to evaluate the 18 people and 12 Marchadors that participated.  Most were from the East Coast, but some of us came from AZ and OK too.   (Next year, the clinic moves west.)  The instructors were ABCCMM (Brazilian MM association) professionals Tiago de Resende Garcia and Kate Moura da Costa Barcelos, both licensed veterinarians and judges in Brazil.

Tiago is the ABCCMM Director of the ENA – the National School of Judges.  The ENA’s objective is to train MM judges on how to evaluate conformation, gait and functionality of the MM breed.  Tiago and his team judge every sanctioned ABCCMM show in Brazil.  Tiago has hosted symposiums and lectures to enlighten and inform MM breeders.

Kate is an ABCCMM inspector (the 1st woman) and education program director.  Kate was the instructor of our 2011 MM clinic.  An accomplished rider, competitor and instructor, Kate was the #2 dressage rider in South America and now uses classical dressage in preparing and training Marchador horses for many farms in Brazil.

We had a fabulous time meeting new people, Marchadors, and of course, learning more about our fabulous MM breed!  Our heartfelt thanks to Connie, Tiago and Kate!!!!

The Champions:

  • Sela de Ouro ride on Friday – Aline Greene, Saint Horse, SC and her mare Erva-Doce de Tesouro
  • Combined Gait and Conformation on Saturday:  for Stallion – Bill Kambic, Haras Lucero, TN and his imported MM stallion, Ritmo A.J.; for Mare – Sandy Kambic, Haras Lucero, TN and her imported mare, Amora or Aliane Fazenda Zouga (bred by Rick Schatz, Flying Oaks Ranch, OK when he was breeding MMs in Brasil), for Gelding – Connie Claire, FL with her gelding Leo or DaVinci do Summerwind (bred by SW Future Foal, AZ)
  • Functional test on Sunday – Jeff Bosley, SW Future Foal @ Lumber Bridge on his mare Bacara do Summerwind (bred by SW Future Foal, AZ)

Almost every person excelled and placed in each competition so the results were exciting and close!   We even had a tie for the winner of the Functional test so there was another run made by Jeff and Bacara against Sue Current on Folego do Lucero!  Brooke Little from Marchadors InMotion, came with her young stallion Cheveyo do MManor (Erva-Doce’s son) who impressed the crowd with his gait,  disposition and performance.  Except for his youth (he had just been started under saddle at age 3), he could have won it all, in my opinion.

And a good time was had by all!  Be sure to come to our next one if you can!

Before leaving for the MM clinic and Colorado, we said goodbyes to more Marchadors that we love.  North Carolina more than doubled its MM population from 2 to 5 with this one move.  (Both of the new owners already owned one Marchador mare.)  We have known since before birth, that these SW Future Foals would be going, but that doesn’t make it easier to see them off.

We made these videos to send them off to the new homes. (We sent a whole care package out with our foals and the video is just part of the information and “stuff” that come with each SW Future Foal.)   We had some trepidation because of the long trip, but also knowing that Ned Leigh would take great care.   We waited for the reports to come in from the new owners.  And they were THRILLED — just as we expected.  We are thrilled for them!

We rode Bella (Elba Cruzalta) and Bacara do Summerwind for a short ride last Wednesday. Bella was a bit concerned leaving Tigre but handled beautifully.  She is so smooth and well behaved.  I absolutely love that horse.”  Tigre is well accepted by all the mares and is quite the celebrity here.”  Jeff Bosley, SW Future Foal @ Lumber Bridge, NC

Fidalgo is doing so well. I can tell what a great training base you gave him. He moves away from pressure beautifully, and is generally very responsive.   Fidalgo now comes when he sees me, even though he is out with Aries (8month saddlebred colt) and the other day I had just left the pasture after dropping some hay, and was leaning on the gate watching the horses. Fidalgo left the hay, and Aries, and came over to the gate to say hello.” Lynn Boone, Jacksonville, NC

A year ago this month, we said goodbye to a favorite Marchador, Chanel de Miami.  Her death was untimely, quick and without warning.   She was a truly great mare.

 A daughter of imported Foundation Marchadors, her lineage and history is told in the MM series, the Importers – MM Horse Farms.  The Importers MM Horse Farms

Had she lived, she would have left quite a legacy in her offspring.   Tragically, her sons she are gelded so only one daughter may continue her line.   Destiny do Summerwind is owned by Gayle Hamilton in Texas.  Gayle just won the USMMA Valentine’s story contest by writing about her MM valentine!

Remembering all the great times we had Chanel.

I love riding with my friends and with John!  John signed up for the ride, but his main horse, Artemis do Summerwind was lame just days before the ride was scheduled.  (Later, we found out it was an abcess)

So, it was up to us, the three amigas!  Both Kristy and Adrienne had done this before, so I felt confident that the rookies, me and my MM horse. Caboclo, could do well with their helpful hints.  It was on St. Patrick’s Day, so Kristy brought decorations, Adrienne brought paint and I wore green.  There was a prize for the most green and NONE of us even came close!  I wish I had a photo of the winner!

Can you tell we had a great time?  These ACTHA rides are held everywhere around the country.  You can earn points and even prizes for you and your horse if you do well.  Each obstacle on the trail is judged and the time is not important.

Most of the obstacles can be practiced beforehand, but that isn’t always the same as doing them on the trail!   Some horses react to the plastic cones that mark the obstacles or sometimes the materials the obstacles are made of.    The horses go through each obstacle individually, so patience is a virtue and some horses don’t like to wait.  Nor do they like to be left behind, which is what it feels like for the horse going last.

It’s a pretty good way to meet people in your area too, if you are looking for people to ride with!  So, if you haven’t tried it yet, go visit their website.

For the SW news, you can click on this and then on the pdf symbol to download our news! 

Or you can go to the POSTS on our Future Foal website!  More photos and videos are in the posts!

Keep in touch!  Send us your news!

Rick and Diane did a SUPERB job of creating a great overview of the breed. 

For anyone who wants to see a Mangalarga Marchador and know - its roots and heritage, the gaits, the breed, here is a great video to watch. 

About 20 minutes of pure enjoyment! Sit back, kick your boots off and join them on location in BRASIL!
Attached is the full story of Beethoven do Summerwind.

The Rags to Riches winner of the 2011 SW Awards Program written by owner Laurie Klassen and breeder Lynn Kelley. 

Click on the headline and you will find the pdf file symbol to read the story.  OR follow this link to see our post on SW FUTURE FOAL
The 2011 SW Award Winners Are:

Over 10 points:
  • Laurie Klassen, owner, Beethoven do Summerwind  $500
  • Laurie Klassen, rider, Beethoven do Summerwind, $100
Over 5 points: No winners
1-4 points – Land’s End Gift Certificate
  • Kristy Everson and Amadeus do Summerwind
  • Rox Rogers and La Paz Jivago
  • Marli Wood and Caesar do Summerwind
Laurie’s Winning Entry
  • IberianBreed Demo.  June 11
  • Dressage/jumpingcamp. June 27- July 1
  • Inner citykids and horses day. (EAL )  July 13
  • CompetitiveTrail Challenge.   June 25 and July 23
  • Gaited clinic  Aug 12-14
  • HeritageDays Parade.  Aug 20
  • All BreedGaited Show Sept 2-4
The SW Award Program recognizes your efforts to promote the awesome Marchador breed using a SW Marchador (bred, sold or imported).   Getting our Marchadors in the spotlight – out into national or local all-breed events is not only fun, it helps others to see the quality, versatility and performance of the breed.   Any horse purchased from Summerwind, their foals or the product of a breeding from or to a Summerwind horse is eligible.

We couldn’t be happier that this year’s big winner was Laurie Klassen and Beethoven do Summerwind.  Read their story (Beethoven's story) and you will agree!

Congratulations, Laurie and Beethoven!  (cheers and tears of joy!)