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Here are the details of the 2012 SW Awards Program! Click on the headline to see the pdf symbol to download the file

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The ultrasound revealed that Brasilia do Summerwind is pregnant to Brasilian stallion Oma de Maripa from Agro Maripa! 

This is the first pregnancy achieved in North America, perhaps outside of Brasil using frozen semen from a Brasilian stallion. 

Agro Maripa exported frozen semen from 3 of their top stallion in March 2011. Brasilia will be expecting her foal in November 2012.

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In this issue: 
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  • Ulcers 
  • Marchadors on the Move 
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  • Lots of MM photos!
Catch this episode "Faraway Stallions" about the Mangalarga Marchador horses on The Horse Show!

Filmed on location in Brasil during the 30th annual National Horse Expo of the Marchador. 

We hope you enjoy it! They did a great job!
We are the guests of Lizzie Iverson on RFD TV LIVE filmed on location in Nashville TN. 

Tune in and see the Mangalarga Marchador and our trip to Brazil! RFD LIVE offers the opportunity to call in and ask questions while we are on the air. 

Hope you get a chance to watch it!

Their FALL issue features the Mangalarga Marchador breed! FOSH started with Tennessee Walking Horses as a group against the various practices that were used to enhance the gait such as SORING. But, they have come a long way and are advocates now for a much broader spectrum. 

Featured in the magazine are many fine articles. The one about the Mangalarga Marchador highlights the breed and several breeders:
  • Haras Lucero
  • Montana Marchador
  • SW Future Foal @ Summerwind Marchadors
News about the MM! 
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 Please send photos and news! We'd love to keep in touch! 

Some of the links you will need to get to the youtube videos:
The boys of Summerwind 
A Brasilian interview with John and Lynn
The article on Equitrekking:

A short description of our trip to Brazil. Besides the National Show, we visited Agro Maripa and met Mr. Marcelo's fabulous stallion and mares. 

We brought Azenha de Maripa back home to be bred using Agro Maripa frozen semen this winter in Scottsdale.  :)
Shannon Ford, Canadian artist tells her story of art and the Mangalarga Marchador. Shannon owns 2 of the currently 5 Marchadors in Canada (but soon to be more). A beautiful woman and artist, we hope you enjoy the article. Please click on the pdf symbol. Photo is Shannon with our mare, Chanel de Miami, when she visited us in AZ.
Michael Woisetschläger A report about the 'Nacional' 2011 in Belo Horizonte and about the Sela de Ouro 2011, will be published in PFERDESPORT Journal 10.2011. Both reports are published in german and are - for easier understanding - translated to english. So pls don´t be too strict for any translation errors... :-)
Mangalarga Marchador - A breed without borders!

Michael Woisetschläger, chief editor of PFERDESPORT Journal, visited the Associacao Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Mangalarga Marchador (ABCCMM) in Belo Horizonte in the south of Brazil and was excited from these versatile and dependable riding horses.

Please enjoy a look through his eyes.  
Our regular newsletter is out! Article on slow feeding, followed by news about Mangalarga Marchadors across the country! Send in your news, questions or photos today!
Mangalarga Marchadors ride the Way of St. James in Spain! Written by Sophia Baptista de Oliveira, this is her story of her and husband Marcelo and the two stallions they bred making the journey of 300km in 9 days by horseback. Enjoy!
Ten days to go until we take off! 
Jane Switzer from the Horse Show will be leaving tomorrow! What an adventure for her! 

To learn more about what is planned, take a look through the pdf file attached.
Get the July issue of Horse Illustrated to read more about the Mangalarga Marchador breed and other South American breeds in their featured articles. 

We would have liked more photos - even the centerpage, but we're happy to be included. Go Marchadors!

With a heavy heart, we report that we lost our princess, our orphan filly Enya last night. She touched every one who met her with her liquid eyes and gentle spirit. 

We did everything we could to save her, but she did not make it to the hospital. We are heartbroken.

Summerwind Marchadors and the Mangalarga Marchador are in the book!

It's due to arrive mid-June.  Designed to be a coffee table style book, we'll have some to give away to our customers and can offer a discount on purchases once we run out.   

Please contact us if you want to know how to get a copy for yourself.

For a lot more PHOTOS and NEWS (daily), visit us on Facebook. 

The VERY best way to meet a Marchador is to go to BRASIL!   Immerse yourself in the food, the culture, the people and of course, their horses! 

We invite you to join us. The agenda and dates: July 15 – July 25

The Mangalarga Marchador National Exposition in Belo Horizonte, MG: You will participate in the biggest event of the MM Breed, with over 1500 horses who are already champions in their region or event. The winners are called “champions of champions”! There are exciting auctions in the evenings, a chance to meet many breeders and you will get to ride some of the horses there – thrilling. We will be there for 2-3 days. 

Trips to selected MM Farms: You will visit outstanding Mangalarga Marchador farms, set in the countryside. There will be a presentation of their horses and breeding. Then, there is the chance to ride in the countryside on some of their best horses. We will be at farms for 4-5 days.

 Options for additional travel: Stay 1-2 days for additional pleasure. Based on your choice, visit RIO!, the historic MM farms, the historic towns of Ouro Preto or Tiradentes, longer horseback riding trips, or the Bahia beaches! 

Costs: Airfare – about $1,000 - $1300 
Hotel rooms in Belo Horizonte $75 per night Translator/Car (divided up) 
Stay at farms – often courtesy of the farm or minimal

Please click on the pdf file symbol to download.

News about The MM Clinic in TX, Brasil trip, Equitana and more!

We moved us and the horses to higher ground for the summer - 7250 feet to be exact - in beautiful Pagosa Springs Colorado. So, if you are here for a Parelli course or nearby - Durango, Colorado Springs, Santa Fe - be sure to stop in and meet a Marchador!
In a new series on exotic breeds, the Marchador is the first one! So, SW Future Foals took out an ad. Check it out by opening this news item and then clicking on the pdf symbol.
After 4 long years of trying, we have succeeded in importing frozen semen from Brasil! Mr. Marcelo Baptista of Agro Maripa pioneered this effort by collecting and freezing 3 of his great stallions from Haras Maripa. They are OMA de Maripa, TIZIU de Maripa and XIMOIO de Maripa. We met the Fedex truck at Scottsdale Equine Repoductive Center and can now breathe a sigh of relief. It was a great day! To read more about the history and the Marchador, open this news item and click on the pdf file attached.
I'm going to ride and learn at the MM Clinic in TX! It's not too late! If you're able to come, come meet us and the Marchadors! 

Kate Barcelos, a renowned dressage rider and trainer from Brazil will conduct the class.  

The clinic is April 6-10, but you can come for 1,3 or 5 days.  For more information, please visit
Imported Mangalarga Marchador mare Elba Cruzalta gave birth late tonight to a wonderfully marked dun colt, her first. Bella has impeccable bloodlines, somewhat unique in the US. The sire is La Paz Jivago, a proven producer in many countries.

It's early, but he looks to have a wonderful gait already! This one is truly something special!

The mare and foal are owned by Keith and Alice Mosing, Houston, TX. Congratulations on a beautiful boy!

In memory of our special Chanel: 1996-2011. She didn't have enough time on earth, but we were happy to have shared it with her. Pure Herdade bloodlines, super beautiful, sweet and smooth. We will miss you until we die.

Chanel was a FOUNDATION Mangalarga Marchador mare, probably with the best picada gait we have ever ridden. The daughter of a champion Calciolandia mare, Verbena owned by the Guerra family. Other Verbena offspring were Folha da Calciolandia, MT, Batuque de Miami, CA and Feitico de Miami, FL. All were wonderfully smooth gaited horses.

Chanel passed on her beauty and smooth gait to all her foals. Two remain with us now: John's riding horse, Artemis do Summerwind and Enya do Summerwind, her orphan foal who we will keep. Caesar do Summerwind is in CA with Marli Wood and Destiny do Summerwind is in TX with Gayle Hamilton.

It is a great loss to us and also for the US Marchadors to lose such a good breeding mare. Her 2 daughters will carry on the Herdade genes.

Article on MMs from a TWH expert on gait, Eldon Eadie. News from Family and Friends. Just click on the pdf symbol!
The entire series - the Importers - can be found on the USMMA website. So far, there are 3 articles covering MM Horse Farms, FL, Lazy T Ranch, MT and now us. More to come! We hope you enjoy them all. It's our history of bringing the Mangalarga Marchador to the US.
What a great sign - born 1-11-11! Lucky Fidalgo is reserved by Lynn Boone-Mayberry of NC. Fidalgo is a great mix of bloodlines - LJ, Tabatinga, Favacho and Mar. Son of athletic super-model La Paz Jivago and our big bodied gaiting maching Brasila do Summerwind. It's Brasilia's first foal and we are impressed! Already showing us some of his moves! Stop by the barn to meet him! He'd love to see you.
Happy New Year! And with the New Year a new look for the USMMA!

I did a lot of work creating pages, adding videos and pictures! Go and check it out! Tell us what you think!

We are committed to promoting the Mangalarga Marchador horse breed in North America!