Born this morning was this exquisite filly, strong and square and beautiful! We couldn't be happier. Named ENYA do Summerwind, she is the product of beautiful and smooth Chanel de Miami (pure Herdade bloodlines) and athletic super model La Paz Jivago (Favacho/Tabatinga bloodlines). Stop by the barn to meet her! We may offer Enya for sale. Please inquire if you love this combination - as we do.
Wishing you the joy of the holiday season!!! Here's the latest news from our family and friends. Breed stats, Sensation Saddles, Mangalarga Marchadors on the move.... and more!
I have heard this story before - but it is the holiday season and a good message to share. Life would not be worth living without animals or humans to love.
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Check it out!    This is our new breed brochure created by Going Gaited magazine. Find them at or on FB. 

We will be handing these out at the Festival of the Horse, (, the first weekend of November. We hope to see you there! 

Click on the pdf file symbol for the brochure.

Going Gaited's on-line magazine features the Mangalarga Marchador breed. You can check it out by downloading the pdf file or by going to this link.
Check out the new MM ad for USMMA, the MMs and breeders! What do you think? I think it's October's issue, which will be at Equitana, Springfield MA.
July and August News! For more information on what's happening on a daily basis, visit SW FUTURE FOAL on Facebook! Email us with your stories, comments and photos! We love to hear from you.
The EAMM (European Association) commented about how the Marchador compares to other breeds in Europe and also why they chose them to be their horses. We thought you would enjoy another perspective.
Happy fourth of July! Great photos and info about Marchadors, horses and their owners!
Back in Pagosa, more MM facts and MM pictures! Email us stories and photos for June!
Spotlight on Haras Maripa, the day of the Spanish Horses and other news from family and friends
Click on the pdf file for news and photos. Calciolandia, riding, AZ visitors etc.
We've doubled the prizes! A bonus for showcasing your Marchador from Summerwind! Owner, breeder and rider categories. Click on the pdf file to view.
Attached is the press release - click on the pdf symbol to open. Congratulations to Signa and Azenha de Maripa!