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Brasilia do Summerwind is in foal to La Paz Jivago. If everything goes well, this will be our second foal produced using frozen semen. It is Brasilia's first foal. You can reserve it before it is born under the SW Future Foal program! Expected in November 2009, the color will be black, bay or buckskin, super sweet and unbelievably athletic.
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Born today, a gorgeous little buckskin filly to Chanel de Miami. Mother and foal are doing fine. Destiny is a future foal reserved by Gayle Hamilton of Texas. Congratulations!
Little DaVinci's saga, News and MM names. Side Photo is Caetano (CAT), with Vicosa de Itajoana, a mare we imported, now up in MT.
On August 29, we welcomed a buckskin colt DaVinci do Summerwind (Bossa Nova de Miami x La Paz Jivago). Bossa Nova was bred last October using frozen semen - the first ever in Marchador history, we think. Congratulations to Connie Claire who reserved the foal!
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Great news for the first MM breeder in Canada, as Sunset Marchadors,, gets our premier stallion, La Paz Jivago. SW will continue to produce future foals and offer frozen semen for sale from Jivago. He is a proven sire on 2 continents and now in Canada as well.
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