Happy Holidays! Our December issue - 2 pages. Click on the pdf file symbol for youtube links, more about future foals, FAQs on the Marchador and more!
Marli Wood couldn't wait for Chanel's 2008 foal and asked for Caesar do Summerwind (Chanel x Jivago). A great choice -- our pride and joy for 2007!
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Come meet the Marchador at the Ocala Horse Expo November 16-18. The USMMA and several breeders will be there, including Summerwind. We hope to see you there!
Today, we had confirmation that one of our mares is pregnant using frozen semen from La Paz Jivago. Exciting news! and historic. We believe this is the first foal conceived using frozen semen as it has not been done in the US and was never allowed under Brazilian registry rules.

Summerwind is leading the way to more frozen semen being available from Brazil to promote diversity and improvement in the Marchador breed in the US. We are fortunate to have a great resource in Dr. Gerry Longworth, breeding vet.
La Paz Jivago is now standing at Outwest Stallion Station in Scottsdale AZ.

Dr. Gerry Longworth is our breeding vet there. With Gerry's expertise and OutWest's facility, we have been collecting and freezing semen from our prize buckskin stallion, La Paz Jivago. Gerry says the quality is excellent.

Frozen semen is not difficult to work and is much more convenient. It lasts for many years stored in liquid nitrogen. For ordering or more information, contact us.

You can visit OutWest's website
"Such is the Real Nature of Horses" - The long-awaited DVD is now available and may be featured on PBS as well. Summerwind was proud to be one of the sponsors that made the production a reality. Robert Vavra is renowned for his photography of horses. His love for the animals comes through even more in film!

Introduced by Jane Goodal and William Shatner with original score music by Basil Poledouris & Steve Baker.

The Most Significant Equine Documentary Ever Filmed. A Virtual Feast for the Eye, Ear and Mind! Produced in classic Vavra style and narrated by Robert Vavra himself, this new film will take you on an unforgettable journey of equine beauty and enlightenment.
Vedete will be the first Marchador in CANADA - a new country for the Marchador breed! Vedete de Itajoana is a mix of Abaiba and Tabatinga blood which makes her an elegant, beautiful mare, but with a great body. She has a great marcha with many different speeds.

Vedete was sold to Pat Rollingson at DANDEE QH who will be a new breeder. You can visit their website at Pat has been a quality QH breeder of solid foundation stock for many years. We are happy to have a person of her experience and reputation branching into the Marchador breed.
Pick up the latest issue of Trail Rider magazine for the breed profile and great pictures! Coming later this year will be a feature article in Conquistador magazine.
Bacara left Summerwind Sunday headed for her new home in North Carolina with owner Jeff Bosley. Jeff plans to begin a breeding program there with this great foundation mare. Bacara is the product of Bossa Nova de Miami and Caboclo da Piedade. She has a strong Herdade bloodline giving her great looks and a great gait. She carries on the Guerra family breeding tradition for wonderful, sweet, picada horses.

We are so sad to see her go, but happy to be starting a new opportunity for Jeff and for Marchadors on the East Coast.
Look for our friend and Marchador supporter, Darley Newman, on PBS in your area. Equitrekking travels to wonderful locations in the US and around the world. You can view the show in the Colorado area on KRMA July 7, 14, 21 and 28. For more information and to see if it's on in your area, visit her website at
What a cutie! The product of Chanel de Miami and La Paz Jivago, this colt has Jivago's body and his mother's gait. Everyone who has seen him loves his butt!! He had a strong picada gait just hours after standing up.

When you combine the best, you get the best. Watch for more news or video of him over the summer months. As with all our horses, Caesar will be registered with both the ABCCMM in Brazil and with the USMMA in the US.
Summerwind is back in Pagosa Springs for the summer months. Our horses are happy being out on grass and in a natural herd environment. The ground here allows us to keep them barefoot too. The area is horse and people heaven.

Pagosa Springs is about an hour from Durango and 2 1/2 hours from Santa Fe. Please come visit us if you are in the area.
Stop by for our "Meet the Marchador" Day while at the big event. I started with Arabian horses and moved to the Marchador as I got older. This could be your next horse or your other horse! Call me or email to set up a visit! (480) 595 2559
You can now see the horses in action! Click on OUR HORSES - SHOW ROOM to see video clips.

For the gait, Chanel is a great example of the PICADA gait. For Batida, watch Jivago for the classic marcha. Some of the videos are older and need to be viewed at MODEM speed. Most are DSL speed, but they may take a while to load. Please be patient!

They are also out on
For more information about the Marchador horse, you can read about them in the October issue of Trail Rider and the December issue of CA RIDING. Also on-line at Equitrekking or At a GAIT using the following links: