We wish everyone a bright and wonderful New Year in 2007! We hope it is the year you meet the Marchador. Come visit us in Scottsdale or Pagosa.... the invitation is always open.
You can watch the gait and see our horses. We've added some to We are planning to add them to our website as well soon.

To see them on go to the website and search on Marchador or Summerwind.

Jupiter Quitumba is a stallion we are planning to breed to in 2007.

We will be leaving Pagosa Springs for the winter months. Come visit us in Scottsdale until April next year. We've enjoyed the move, the grass, the mountains and the stars. The ranch is wonderful for the mares and especially the babies. Lots more room to run and play - just what the babies need.

For more photos, please open the pdf. file attached (click on the heading to view.)
We have chosen the stallions! Only their semen needs to be imported. We plan to start an embryo transfer program with our best mares and these top stallions.

The stallions are:
Jupiter Quitumba
Faceiro do Zumbido
Jaguar Quitumba
Irapuru da Joatinga
Pendulo da Joatinga

Open the PDF file to see more photos! (click on the heading to view) They are gorgeous.

Another great adventure. We love the people and their horses! You can't help but get excited when you visit. And the food! We can go on and on.....

We had a productive meeting with the ABCCMM (Brazilian association). You can read about that on in our news and in our newsletter for October.

We also toured some very special places. For highlights of the trip, please open the pdf file attached (click on the heading to see it)

We're going back next July. Please come with us!

Summerwind is going back to Brazil! Touring Rio, Ouro Preto, Belo Horizante and the historic breeding farms are all on the agenda. Riding and learning as much as we can... Look for more pictures upon our return. If you'd like to come with us...............please call Lynn at 480-683-8848.

September 18-25th
We found out we had a problem with our eMail address and have not been receiving your emails! Even though it said that the email was successfully sent, we never received it. We have corrected the problem.

If you tried to make contact via email and did not get a response, our apologies! Please try again using the website or just use as the address to resend your request. Thank you so much. Lynn Kelley

We share some of the same bloodlines and philosophy with Tresa Smith, owner of the Lazy T. We just visited her ranch to meet her new foal crop and put them on video for you. Tresa specializes in the Tabatinga bloodline which is very athletic and Andalusian-looking. Her new foal crop has great gait at this young age!

Please visit for more photos and information or call us about the Lazy T 2006 foals.

We always try to match the individual to the horse. If we know of other horses or foals that might fit what you are looking for, we will happily work on your behalf or give you a referral to other USMMA members.

New Photos are loaded in the gallery from the 2006 shows and some new foals. Check them out! Also attached is a pdf.file with photos taken at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse in California. (Click on the date to see the pdf symbol, then click on that to open.) Both Seamus and Jivago looked spectacular.
The planning and development of our Southern Colorado ranch is underway! While final completion of all the building may be next summer, our first focus is on the horse facilities this year. We hope to move our mares and foals there this summer to get acclimated for the winter there.

The land is located across the street from National Forest for great riding and training! Pagosa Springs is also the home of Parelli Natural Horsemanship - a great fit for the way we bring up babies.

We are looking forward to spending our summers there for the birth of our foals!

More news and information will be coming on this exciting new project.

Michigan and Wyoming are added to the growing number of states with Marchadors! Arizona continues to have the largest number of Marchador owners, but Montana is catching up fast. The show competitions will be more difficult next year - but more fun too.

Our photo sales gallery is in the attached PDF. Click on the image to open.

Goodbyes were hard. We love them all.

Visit Brazil! We've added the website of Fazenda Santarem to our website under LINKS BREEDERS. Their website is now only in Portuguese, but will be in English soon. The pictures and scenery are beautiful.

A "fazenda" in Brasil is a farm that produces many things - coffee, beef, horses, etc. A "haras" is a farm that breeds horses. Haras Itajoana is the horse breeding part of Fazenda Santarem, where many U.S. horses originated. Look for the name DE ITAJOANA.

We continue to work closely with them to build the import/export market for the Marchador. If you are interested in a trip to their farm and other breeders in the Rio area, please contact us for more information.
Summerwind Marchadors will be hosting or showing at the following events this Spring. Please stop by and meet the Marchadors!

February 4 Sensing Clinic with Cuz Coste at Summerwind
February 11 Merry Go Round Show, West Valley, AZ
March 4 Salons Demonstration Show at Summerwind
March 17-20 Carousel Show, Scottsdale, AZ
May 4-6 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse, Burbank, CA
TBD Day of the Spanish Horse, West Valley AZ

To see pictures of how these events went, please click on the attached pdf file.