Bossa Nova's little filly was born on our anniversary - a truly special little gift. She is the daughter of 2 of our favorite horses at the ranch. (Bossa Nova/Caboclo) We expect her to be a great athlete and well over 15 hands. She looks like she will be a picada gait like many horses from the Guerra breeding. Watch for more pictures!
The first Marchador class was held at the Scottsdale Merry Go Round Show on Saturday. Four entries were shown in English Pleasure. The horses showed three gaits: walk, march, and canter.

Most of the horses and their riders had never shown before. The horses performed easily, without problems and everyone looked great. It was another historic event!

The Carousel Show in March 2006 has six Marchador classes: halter, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure and English Performance.
Our horses have been delighted to join the Paradise Valley Hunt Club. The Club uses beagles to "hunt" jackrabbit here in the desert.

Vedete, Atriz, Vicosa and Caboclo have all been on the ride. They are great mounts for this activity and we are all having a lot of fun.

For more information about the Club, visit
Two precious babies arrived just days apart in September. Brasilia do Summerwind and Beethoven do Summerwind are winning hearts of all the ranch visitors.

One more baby is due in December. Please read the PDF file for more details.
It all started with a pink cowboy hat. Magenta, actually, as none of the really “pink” hats came with the rawhide string setup to hold the hat onto your head. That was very much needed, because you see, I was going to RIDE.

And I got to ride!................

For the whole article, please click on the News Item and open the PDF file. Congratulations to Lindsey and GOOD LUCK in college!

We are happy to have the Marchador and Summerwind featured in the following publications out now or coming out soon!
-The Peaks, Scottsdale magazine
-The Sonoran Newsletter
-Bridle and Bit
-California Riding
-Trailrider Magazine
-Horseman's News
-Rocky Mountain Rider

Another fabulous trip to Brazil! Wonderful people, food, weather and, of course, the horses. Guests of Fazenda Santarem in Rio, we saw and rode horses from there, Libertas and Tabatinga on this trip. We had a great ride from Raul Junquiera's farm to his daughter's farm for a fabulous meal. This is the way to see the country. If you are interested in a horse tour of Brazil, we are putting one together. Please call.
Jose Eduardo Teves and Getulio Tadeau Vieira traveled to the U.S. to inspect U.S. born Marchador horses for conformation, disposition and gait - their ability to "march". With more than 47 years experience between them, the men are vets, technicians and judges of the breed. Summerwind is a member of the ABCCMM and believes the tradition of inspection will help guarantee the quality of horses born in the U.S. This was the first known inspection done outside of the Marchador's native country, Brazil.

Conquistador magazine article (Fall 2006) attached as PDF file. Please click on PDF file to open.

Summerwind brought three stallions to the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse in CA. Ninja da Sao Joaquim, owned by Rancho de los Cielos, performed a routine under the command of Ray Arniss, a well-known dressage trainer. All the stallions got to be on center stage as representatives of the breed, which is relatively unknown to many people. A good showing of the gait and the temperment, we say Marchadors are " a horse for you, not your trainer". This was their first time in front of a crowd and they did marvelous.
LAUNCHING A LEGACY, the Summerwind Open House was a great success. With more than 100 people attending, we made new acquaintances and got to visit with old friends. Demonstrations of natural horsemanship and presentation rides on La Paz Jivago, Seamus and Caboclo were the highlight of the evening. Dinner and dancing followed the show. Please come back again!

Invitation (more pictures) attached as a PDF file. Please click on the PDF File to open.
Summerwind Marchadors, Inc. is working with the Lazy T Ranch in Montana to offer the largest, most versatile selection of Marchadors in the U.S.

We liken ourselves to a Porsche show room - we have some beautiful models for sale here in the U.S., but your dream horse could be one we can order from Brazil. Both Lazy T and Summerwind are recognized importers and breeders in Brazil, members of the ABCCMM.

Lazy T offers fine, smooth Tabatinga bloodlines from their breeding program and also offers embryo transplants for select clients.

Summerwind offers performance horses from the traditional Herdade, Abaiba and Tabatinga bloodlines and also showcases a few "new tradition" bloodlines from L.J. and JB/Ogar.

Please email Tresa at or visit the Lazy T website at:

On March 26, Summerwind hosted a salon of over 50 people who came from all walks of life to meet our horses. The questions came quickly about us, the breed, our training... John Kelley gave an overview while demonstrations of the horse occurred in the background. A beautiful day and a wonderful crowd made for a very memorable experience. If you missed the salon, please come on another day! For more information on the salons or this day, please visit their website, Look for our salon under recent salon photos.
The Carousel Horse Show introduced the Marchador breed during their "Breed Vignettes" at the March 17th Show. Breed classes are being planned for future shows in the Scottsdale area. Seamus da Boa Fe and Caboclo da Piedade performed to Brazilian music for the highlight.
A VERY friendly colt with beautiful markings and a strong lateral gait, Artemis is something special to behold. He should be a smooth riding horse, taking after his dam, Chanel de Miami. This little guy makes everything look easy!
Amethyst is a precocious elegant filly, the daughter of Irapuru da Joatinga and Vicosa de Itajoana. She is already stealing hearts and running like wildfire. A real princess of the breed.
Here at Summerwind, we believe strongly in training and working our horses - all of them, even the foals.

Luis Trujillo is a classical trainer that also understands gait. Perfect for this breed that can perform the Spanish Walk, passage and also gait!

Cuz Coste is a natural horsemanship trainer. She focuses on developing our horses at play and also works with the foals.

Thiago Sobral is a renowned western reining trainer. We have a few horses with him to explore the Marchadors' potential in a performance sport.

For more information on each trainer and pictures, please click on the attached PDF.