Sired by top syndicated stallion, Brazilian sire Cangaco Tabatinga, this foal is a significant addition to the breed in the U.S. The mother, Vedete de Itajoana is both beautiful, full of energy and smooth. Lots of promise for a great sport horse in 3 years! Photo taken at a few hours old.
Koyote Libertas represents the best of Brazil.... great bloodlines, temperment and gait! Born in Brazil before his mom shipped to us, he is a great and welcome addition at the ranch. He shows the championship potential we are working to produce at Summerwind.

Two other mares are due to foal shortly in December and January. Both of these foals are also from top stallions in Brazil.

The new horses are super! Three mares and one additional stallion. All horses will be available for purchase. They have all been inspected and carry full registration from the ABCCMM. For more pictures and information, please look in the gallery or under OUR HORSES.

The new horses are ATRIZ de Itajoana, AZENHA de Maripa, VEDETE de Itajoana and VIOLEIRO de Itajoana. Pictured here is VIOLEIRO, a sweetheart.... already a favorite.
Summerwind Marchadors is at new quarters! We have moved the horses into the new facility. They are loving the grass pastures. We are loving the indoor arena. For more pictures of the ranch, please visit the gallery
In June, two new horses arrived at Summerwind from Brazil. We visited several farms in Brazil in May and are thrilled to have these new additions. Caboclo de Piedade is a beautiful mahogany bay. La Paz Jivago is a striking metallic buckskin.

We will be importing more horses for sale. Call us to arrange a trip to Brazil or to inquire about what you are looking for.
To Finish is to WIN! We rode our first limited distance ride of 25 miles on January 31 in Wickenburg, AZ. It was a beautiful day. All of us did great. The horses passed all the vet checks with heartbeats in the 50's - in wonderful shape. They will do well in future competitions. Watch for us!