Luna is here!  Her dam is Isabelle do Great Lakes, a beautiful blue roan Marchador mare.  Also known as Izzy, she is owned by Karen Livesay and Randy Conilogue, breeding with us as Future Foal @ Sedona.

Her sire is Talisma Kafe, a black and white tobiano stallion, using imported frozen semen.  The semen is from Haras Elfar, a prominent Marchador breeding farm in Brazil.  Luna is the full sibling to Jedi-Knight do Summerwind, now 2 years old.

Everything we hoped for, and more!    She has been reserved by Christine and Craig McNeil.

Our update from Laurie Klassen in SK, Canada:

"A successful season has come to a close for this Saskatchewan Cowboy Dressage rider. The cold and snow has crept in and the horses will have a winter layoff now.

The season was fun and I feel I accomplished some good goals. Both of my Marchadors ended up competing after my mare Joia had to be laid off to an illness.

Joia has beautiful rhythm and this season received a bronze award and pin for her accomplishments.  Beethoven went from the trail to the rail to the show arena in a blink of an eye as he stood in for Joia.
Beethoven received some good marks in his dressage tests and was awarded a champion ribbon.  Judges for the season were Kim Moats Canada and Lynn Ringrose Moe California for the finals.

Marchadors have lovely rhythmic movement and I encourage MM owners to give this sport a try.


This issue features Marchador horses and  JUMPING!   Featured articles from USMMA members Eliza Frazer, Susann Gabriel and D.J. Sims.

You may download the pdf or view online on ISSUU.   If you use ISSUU, click on the box in the right hand corner to see full-screen!

We made the cover!   It's Hawke do Summerwind's photo by Tamara Gooch selected for the cover.     

You can download the pdf file to read the article that starts on page 12. CARIDING small or find it on-line at CA Riding by clicking this link: 

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North American Marchador Association Journal is out!!!   Edited by Tresa Smith and Produced by Lynn Kelley.   Articles and photos submitted by any and all USMMA members!

This issue featured some MM stallions, including our own La Paz Jivago.

At Westworld, Scottsdale, AZ Memorial Day Weekend 2017.

The USMMA booth and then the 2 presentations – first one was to the GIRL FROM IPANEMA, a presentation of the Marchadors ala the Rio Olympics with the girls handing out roses to the audience.   The second presentation was a demonstration of the 2 marcha gaits under saddle.

North American Marchador Association Journal is out!!!   Edited by Tresa Smith and Produced by Lynn Kelley.   Articles and photos submitted by any and all USMMA members!

Click here to read the Journal online!

Mangalarga Marchador horses will be there at the MANE EVENT! The USMMA will have an association booth and local AZ members including Summerwind and Future Foal breeders will be bringing their horses.   They and other USMMA members will be manning the association booth.   
It’s a great place to come and meet a Marchador!Besides information at the booth, we have ring time to present the Marchador breed, speaker time and also photo-op time! Come to the barns and meet a Marchador!

For more information on the event and how to get tickets, please follow this link:

Born April 1st, 2017, the much awaited and anticipated foal of Arun de Maripa x Azenha de Maripa, arrived.   And it’s a GIRL!  LEIA!   

We are overjoyed!A beautiful and correct filly, she is a pure Maripa, a bloodline is a mix of Abaiba, Bela Cruz and Herdade.   In the sire,  Arun de Maripa is also added Favacho and Tabatinga blood from his ELITE sire Favacho Diamante. 

Named Leia do Summerwind by the Future Foal breeders, Elizabeth and DJ Sims of Silver Stables Marchadors in Phoenix AZ.    They also own Jedi-Knight do Summerwind and now Leia, along with Gralha M.U.G.,  provide them the foundation for their breeding program and she stays part of the FUTURE FOAL network.

For more photos, follow this link:

Interested in Owning or Investing in a Marchador?  

L** foal do Summerwind is available for full or partial reservation now!  Often, our foals are sold before they are born.  If you are thinking about this  Future Foal, let us know!

Thinking ahead!  To be born in AZ in November 2017, (Marchadors use real birthdays, not January 1!), this foal will be ready to go around May 2018.

A full sibling to Jedi-Knight do Summerwind, pictured here, this foal has a 25% chance of black or black tobiano (like his sire) or blue roan tobiano or blue roan (like his dam).   We expect this foal to mature at 15 hands and have a smooth gait.

For more information, follow this link:

April 29, Saturday morning ABCCMM Foal inspection and barn tours in Rio Verde and Phoenix.

Inspecting Kharisma, Kadecia and Leia do Summerwind

The inspection of the foal looks for heritable defects, takes note of markings and hair whorls and microchips the foal.   During this inspection, you can meet a Marchador at any of the farms and learn more about the breed.    Brazilian inspector is Dr. George Vilar.

April 30, Sunday MM Clinic

Learn how to evaluate and judge the Mangalarga Marchador breed.    A learning clinic where everyone participates!

Classes – 
  • Marchador geldings – gait
  • Marchador mares - gait
  • Marchador mares – conformation
  • Marchador geldings - conformation

For more information and how to sign up, follow this link:

We started using ISSUU to load some of our Marchador articles and brochures ! Check it out with the first ones out there. Many more to follow!

The USMMA Journal - first one in 2017, is out!  Click here to read up on the news and photos!