Brazil's National Horse, the Mangalarga Marchador averages about 15 H in height and is of medium build. They come in many colors: bay, black, buckskin, chestnut, grey, palomino, pinto, roan and more. Every horse has been bred for centuries to a high standard set in Brazil for conformation, gait and temperament AND IT SHOWS!!   Of all their characteristics, including gait, we enjoy their temperament the most!

At Summerwind, we believe that much of the quality of the breed is due to the ABCCMM inspection process and the Brazilian's strict breeding standards. At three, the horses are inspected for gait, conformation and temperament. Only horses that pass inspection are permanently registered and allowed to breed. The Brazilian breeders often test several ABCCMM approved stallions with up to 30 mares before deciding on their reproductive stallion. The others are kept for riding.

Marchadors that have passed the ABCCMM inspection are branded with the trademarked ABCCMM Horseshoe M brand on their right shoulder. Look for it as a sure sign of quality!

All Summerwind horses are dual registered with the ABCCMM and the USMMA in order to be eligible for the ABCCMM inspection.

The Marchador is extremely versatile.  Here in North America, owners are riding them in endurance, ranch work, hunting, eventing, dressage, reining, mounted shooting and mounted archery.  Regardless of your desires, the Marchador’s beauty and people-loving personality will win your heart.

If you are just beginning to ride, the Marchador's easy-going nature and smooth gait inspires confidence and makes you look good. If you are an experienced rider, their endurance, soundness and enthusiasm to learn, means virtually any riding discipline can be pursued.

"This is without a doubt one of the most outstanding horse breeds in the world."

”Training of this breed is facilitated by its intelligence, and uses for the breed are unlimited. In work with cattle, in sports, in functional trials now performed as part of the official calendar of the ABCCMM, or in cross-country horsemanship, the Marchador is outstanding and is obtaining excellent results in comparison to other breeds. This breed is extremely docile and is commonly mounted by children.”

International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds, Bonnie L. Hendricks, University of Oklahoma Press, 1995, reprinted with permission from the author and Oklahoma Press


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ABCCMM's M Brand
Placed on the right shoulder
of horses that pass inspection.
John with Brasilia do Summerwind, one of our foundation mares, imported in-utero.

Summer Trail Ride - Lynn with
SW Imported mare Azenha de Maripa