Our breeding program strives for excellence on all levels.   We believe strong genetics show through in the progeny of a horse, not the individual.  In selecting our horses, we picked the genes and the bloodlines from our research, then the individuals from their performance, conformation and get.  

Our breeding selections allow us to breed in two directions for SW FUTURE FOALS.  

  • PURE PLEASURE - This horse is versatile and excels in gaited shows or on the trail.   Our US foundation mares are Bossa Nova de Miami or Elba Cruzalta.   
  • IBERIAN SPORTHORSE - In this arena, we strive for a centered and balaced marcha batida horse.  This horse can excel in shows and sports against other non-gaited breeds.  Our US foundation mares are Azenha de Maripa, Bacara do Summerwind or Brasilia do Summerwind.

To design your perfect pairing, visit our catolog at  FUTURE FOAL

 We offer payment plans over the 18 month period or longer - to match your needs.   

 Summerwind offers:
  • Knowledge of MM history and bloodlines.  The parents' characteristics and past breeding successes. Videos & photos of parents and offspring.   We can help you select the parents that suit what you want in the foal. 
  • FUTURE FOAL boarding (includes all care, feed, training, farrier and regular vet bills) - No worries if you don't have the facilities for raising youngsters.
  • Training packages for a completely finished saddle horse  -- includes future foal, board and 90 days of training under saddle.  We start our horses at 3 and require the owner to participate in the training before taking the horse home.
  •  A SW Awards Program for owners, riders and breeders!
  • 10% discount on all products for previous SW customers and to any MM breeder!
  • Tours to Brasil!  We go almost every year.  It's a trip of a lifetime to visit the MM birthplace.
  • Extras - many included like USMMA membership, books and videos, start-up halters, leads.

For us, raising a foal from birth creates a perfect equine partner for life.  We would never buy a horse any other way now.  The ground work, the trust, knowing each other, makes riding just another step in the training.  If you have never raised a foal, but are a good horseman, there are many training DVDs that can help.  Keep in mind that this is a youngster who you will have to teach.  We work with our foals on the same schedule as an adult horse.   You need to have patience, confidence, be smarter than your baby and be one step faster than them!  But, what a joy it is!    If you find you do need some help, there are many, many natural horsemanship trainers that can teach your SW Future Foal and you at the same time.   Take the plunge!

Summerwind (SW) offers a great way to get a rare Marchador horse - RESERVE ONE!  We believe there is no better way to create your next life partner than to raise it from birth.  The bonding, training and fun are priceless!

There are 3 ways to produce your own foal:
We consult with each person to plan the pairing if you desire to design your own SW future foal.  We are responsible breeders and prefer to only breed after reservation.   If we breed on our own, we offer only 1 or 2 foals per year, and in some years, no foals. 

For more information, please click on the links above or the name or the photo of the horse if shown below.