General Appearance

The general appearance of the Mangalarga Marchador is characterized by medium structure, strong and well proportioned, with agility, vigor and soundness. The breed is light with fine, smooth skin. This horse has an active, but docile temperament.

The legs are muscular on both the outside and the inside, strong, long and straight, with short cannons.  Short cannons are the major contributing factor for more stable movement and are required for sports like endurance and reining.  We breed for bone measuring well over the 7 inch minimum. 

The Marchador horse has strong tough hooves and do well “barefoot” in many terrains.

Pictured is Irapuru da Joatinga, herd stallion at Haras Joatinga, Brazil.

The Head and Neck
The head is triangular (not concave) with a large, flat forehead tapering to a small, fine muzzle: straight profile . Large, soft, dark eyes which are set wide apart and extremely vivacious. The ears are proportional to the head, mobile, parallel and well set – erect, with the tips turned inward.

The neck, arched and well muscled, is in proportion to the head, with ideal insertion into the body.  A well proportioned neck enhances balance.  Withers are well defined, high and prominent, with good insertion into the neck and back.

Pictured is Seamus da Boa Fe, a Summerwind stallion.
The Chest and Back

The chest is deep, long and muscular and not prominent; the back is of medium length, straight and muscular; the loins are short, straight and well proportioned; if the distance from the back to the loins is of lesser or equal distance to the length of the croup, it is a sign that the horse possesses excellent conformation.  The Marchador demonstrates strong loins with correct length of back.

Pictured is Bossa Nova de Miami, a Summerwind mare.

The Hindquarters

The hind quarters are symmetrical, well proportioned, and muscular; the croup is slightly sloping and long. The tail is set at a medium height, with a short, fine dock pointed down, but slightly raised when the animal moves, very elevated when excited.

A long sloping croup with a low tail set will enable the legs to reach well under.  It is an asset for collection and power.    Marchadors demonstrate this overstride in their gaits.   

Pictured is La Paz Jivago, a Summerwind stallion.