About the Ranch
Horses are like wine.  A bottle of wine can cost $10 or $200.  We believe that you get what you pay for and most of the time -- quality costs.  

Our pricing is reflective of the quality of our horses only.   We do not base our pricing on what you intend to do with the horse.    I liken the cost of purchase to what you would pay to participate in any hobby like golf, scuba diving or sailing.  

I was searching for the “perfect horse” when I picked the Marchador breed. I found my mare, Bossa Nova de Miami. Every day since has confirmed my choice. Everything I read about the breed was true – especially their wonderful, kind disposition. The 200 years of breeding history shines through!

John and I look at horses differently than most people, not as an expense, but as an investment, an addition to our family and our lives. Our horses are true companions to us. They offer us hours of enjoyment, relaxation and peace. We depend on our horses to be there for us – to stay sound, in good health and always be a willing partner.   We think horse ownership offers a better way of life, one that is therapeutic and developmental.  The horse has been a teacher to us and we value our lessons learned.

So why settle? 

The annual cost of owning a bad horse or a good horse may be about the same - board, training, feed, shoes, veterinarian, tack and all sorts of other supplies.  You need to factor in emergencies in health or in training (you or the horse!)  It is an expensive proposition.

 Everyone does have a budget.  However, if you don't have the money to invest in this hobby - then don't buy a horse, any breed..  The initial price is just the beginning. Unlike golf or scuba diving, this hobby needs to be fed, needs training, vet services AND your time.  Don't spend all your time working to afford a horse and then never enjoy the horse!  We do help by offering payment plans designed for your needs!

Summerwind mainly offers FUTURE FOALS for sale.  I have not found a better way to partner with a horse than to raise it from birth!  The time passes quickly and it's a lot of fun if you have the time and the skill level to work with youngsters.   (You can learn as you go, but you need to be sure that you are quicker and smarter!  Staying one step ahead is important in staying safe.)  

We do not sell to everyone.   We require a good home and people who are eager to keep learning.  What we expect from our buyers:
  • Love and care - lots of human interaction
  • Regular exercise
  • Outdoor living
  • Training and play
  • Lots of photos!
Or you can also breed your own SW Future Foal with our frozen semen or frozen embryos.  We also often help people locate an older Marchador if one of our Summerwind future foals isn't an option for you.  This Mangalarga Marchador breed is our passion.   

If you decide you can invest in a great horse, we would love to help you make your next horse a Marchador!   Especially a Summerwind Marchador!

Bossa Nova de Miami, our first Marchador!
Beethoven do Summerwind at 2