Be part of history! This is a unique opportunity for you to make your mark with the Marchador breed in North America.  

At a time when people are crossing different breeds to find perfection, here is the sport horse they may be trying to recreate! Over 200 years of Brazilian breeding has produced an athletic, yet docile horse, smooth, yet exhilarating to ride.

For us, there is nothing more rewarding than planning a breeding program and seeing the results in your foals! 

If you have never done this before, you can learn.   We would be happy to help.   We caution that horse breeding and indeed the entire horse industry does not seem to be a place to make money.  You can however, enrich your life immensely in other ways. 


Summerwind offers SW SPONSORSHIPS to new breeders and riders committed to achieving excellence in promoting the Mangalarga Marchador breed.   We want to make sure our work will be carried on with others who share our passion.  

If selected,  A SW sponsorship can offer support, guidance and education in a number of areas: 
  •  Best pricing on SW frozen embryos and frozen semen.  
  •  Breeding, foaling, horse care, and horse training,
  •  Marketing, business planning and promotion. 
  • Financial help in some cases in the form of sponsoring events, horses, or payment plans.
  • Guided Trips to Brazil.
Summerwind follows responsible breeding practices and would expect our sponsored breeders to do the same.  We commit to our production for life and encourage our buyers to do the same.  We breed selectively and make every effort to have the foals reserved before we even breed.   We make every effort to educate our buyers on the costs of horse ownership.   And, because over-breeding and bad-breeding are not under our control, we give generously to horse rescue facilities.   

The possibilities are endless when choosing imported frozen semen. Select from among Brazil's best bloodlines and breeding programs!