About the Ranch

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We are passionate enthusiasts for the Mangalarga Marchador breed and the natural methods for raising horses, training and hoof care.  After we retired and moved west, we discovered the Marchador, fell in love and began this new venture. We have learned much about life and leadership from living with our horses.  Every life should be touched by a horse - it's never too late!

We are a private ranch dedicated to establishing the Marchador breed here.  The Marchador is the ultimate Brazilian saddle horse!  With roughly 250 Marchador horses in North America today, we are proud to an early importers of live animals and frozen semen.  Initially buying for breeding, we selected the best mares we could find and imported them in foal to top Brazilian stallions.  We believe strong genetics matter, so we researched bloodlines for years and made sure we saw foal crops of our selected horses, not just the horse alone.  

Summerwind (SW) strives to promote this unique and quality breed in several ways.   
  • FUTURE FOAL "do Summerwind".  Make a reservation to produce a foal from your selection of OUR BEST horses! Expect to be impressed!     
  • FROZEN SEMEN and FROZEN EMBRYOS -  We dedicate ourselves to improving the Marchador breed's quality, numbers and genetic diversity here in North America!  We currently represent 6 stallions (frozen semen) and 9 mares.
  • SENSATION SADDLES  Connect with your horse, enjoy the ride and improve the gait all at the same time!   Canadian-made custom treeless saddles. Try them out and meet a Marchador at the same time.
  • SPONSORSHIP  -  Summerwind sponsors new MM breeders and riders who meet our standards for excellence.  The SW Awards Program helps our customers show off their Marchadors! 
  • The M FOUNDATION - a non-profit organization that focuses on funding for disasters and dreams, aimed at the Marchador breed and their owners! 
  • WELCOME to our family!  We invite people to our ranch to meet the Marchador!  We offer trips to the Marchador homeland, Brasil!

We would love to introduce you to this truly timeless and special breed. Please contact us for more information or visit us if you are in the Scottsdale or Pagosa Springs area.   Come meet Brazil's National Horse and share our passion!

John and Lynn Kelley

Summerwind is committed to the quality and diversity of the Marchador... Learn more about training for understanding and training from the... FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) Magazine features the Mangalarga...
AZ - Winter:
OutWest Stallion Station
15419 E Rio Verde Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
(602) 999 3915 

CO - Summer:
145 Oxford Pl
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
(970) 731 2500

In North Carolina:
SW Future Foal @ Lumber Bridge
Jeff and Michelle Bosley
702 McGougan Rd
Lumber Bridge, NC 28357
(910) 818-4856

In Canada:
SW Future Foal @ CasaRio
Don and Laurie Klassen
9 Rolling Hills Lane
Casa Rio, SK S7T 1B8
(306) 220-2129

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